Saturday, March 9, 2013


I'm really tired this weekend, although I'm not sure why. My plans were to sleep in today, because it's Saturday! If ever there was a day to sleep in, Saturday is it! Unfortunately, my husband has not mastered the task of muting his cellphone on the weekends. Worse, whenever he receives an email it "beams in" with the sound from Star Trek. So, something beamed in around 6 AM. I seriously considered tossing his phone out the window, but I didn't. Aren't I nice? *wink*

I finished my last piece for Thrice Magazine:

"Rachis" 9x12 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

I really like this one, and how it turned out. Again, it's my take (and twist) for a story (by someone else) in the upcoming issue. However, I like this as a standalone piece as well. I don't want to illustrate a story, I like to express a feeling - so I like this painting without any background included as well, which is good!

Now, I'm staring at the calendar and worried about my deadlines. I can't believe we're this far into March already! I have a lot of goals this month, but I missed two deadlines this week - entirely my own fault and glitches in personality (I procrastinated.)

So, I'm hoping for a rush of productivity that puts me back on course! I wish there were a magical spell for that or something...


  1. I think you worked really hard this month but I little bit of magic would be nice ;-)

  2. If only there was magic for more time...and maybe, a housecleaning spell, too ;)

    Always love your color choices!

  3. I will send you a magical spell ;o) LOL! I know what you mean, time seems to be flying by! Your new piece is truly stunning! Breathe taking! I love it!


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