Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I really am just so excited right now! With the establishment of my new business, Kyra Wilson Photography, I have had access to a couple different professional printing services. Now, while they do photos, they also offer printing on other stuff. Like canvases and Giclee prints. So, as all fine art prints are taken from a high quality image, I've been playing with the printing service trying to see if they can offer me more options for my fine art prints.

The first printing service I used was a complete dud. The canvas showed up looking like it had been only printed with half the ink and then left in the sun to dry. I wondered if my image just wasn't high quality enough, or something else. But the truth is that I was using the same file that I use for my prints here that are excellent. So, I switched services and then saved up to try it with them.

Well, my order just showed up today, and I cannot be happier! The basic prints were perfect. The canvas print I have is just gorgeous! I have never been able to offer canvas prints before, because the price was so prohibitive and the minimum orders required made it simply impossible. But with this service, they do one at a time orders at a reasonable price, so I will be able to offer not only regular prints - but canvas replicas as well that people can frame just like the original!

It really is exciting for me as it reduces the amount of traveling I have had to make in the past to printers, arguing over colors and print runs, and buying up front in bulk. Now I don't have to tell anyone that I'm sold out of a certain print. Even more, people have long asked me to put together a calendar and maybe some note/post cards. I can do that as well, or create the option for them to create their own set. I knew I could do that through something like Zazzle or CafePress, but I have never been thrilled with the quality of their stuff, which is why I haven't done so before now.

So, while I'm working on expanding my paintings on the "Daylight" portion of my enchanted forest series (by request, I'll soon have a slew of smaller, more affordable ones of the same style and color scheme - the original has sold), I'll also soon be opening a new section on Kyra Wilson Photography, and K. Wilson Studio to offer these new items as well.

Edit: I've opened the new area on Kyra Wilson Photography, featuring the fine art prints. I'll slowly be adding to it as I go along, including new prints of paintings I haven't offered before (like the enchanted forest series.)