Thursday, October 25, 2012


And now for something from the other half of my art-world!

"Turning a Blind Eye"Prints, Only

I started off as a surreal painter, but I don't visit it as often as I likely should. Sometimes, it's hard to remember that the world has changed from when I first started offering my paintings for sale. Being in rural Vermont meant that my surreal style was... an acquired taste. I loved it, but the truth was that most people here just wanted a picture with a cow in it. That's perfectly fine, but it isn't great for my surreal artworks.

Now that the world has grown smaller, and we can reach so many others outside of our little literal physical circle, there is more breathing room in the art world. Sure, there are a lot more voices too, but at least there is a place for you to be heard!

One of the thrilling things I have been asked to participate in is a publication called THRICE Fiction. It's a short-fiction magazine that offers free digital copies (you only have to pay for a physical one, if that is your preference.)

I was contacted, and told "dark". Oh, have I got dark in spades right now! "I got'cha daaahk right here, baby!" I have "dark" leaking out my freaking fingernails. But I haven't been painting it. I'm not sure why I need the nudge to set aside my usual offerings, but I did. Again. I started and finished the piece "Turning a Blind Eye" yesterday, and I have another work on my easel now.

What is interesting is that up until this point, this week has been a total failure. Everything I tried to paint or sketch out was total junk. Nothing was working. But I've been pretty frustrated too. My mother had a stroke last week and another attack this week, my children in the middle of all that got something resembling Chicken Pox (foot and mouth, perhaps?) I just couldn't seem to do anything right. I realized I was just extremely angry, about everything, anything, and nothing was working to alleviate it.

This did. Having a painting temper tantrum helped. I've tried painting other things, but it's not the same. Getting angry, or sad, or whatever and painting something to reflect that? It helps.

I have a major backlog of paintings that are half finished. I need to finish them. And I will. But for now? I'm all about the dark.


Gina said...

And Dark you delivered!!! Nothing makes me angrier than when good people turn a blind eye. Latest big news item here is about huge charity worker turns out to have been a serial child abuser for the last 30 years+, and when kids reported(and adults saw it happening!!!), "no point in pursuing, no one will believe you, not worth putting a child through court!!! WTF!!!
Paint that pain out sister, if you try to bottle it up it overflows and affects others around you. Look forward to seeing other pieces like this one :D XXX

Magic Love Crow said...

I am sorry about your mother! I hope she is alright! I also hope your children are ok too! Your painting rocks!!! I truly love it!!! Paint what is inside of you!!! Be true to you!

Kyra said...

Yes, there seems to be a lot of "turning a blind eye" going on right now. :(

I have more pieces coming! :)

Kyra said...

Thank you, my mom is doing well. The kids are dealing. I'm calling them my leopard kids... the seem less amused by that than I am, but hey. ;)

yoborobo said...

Hi Kyra! Thanks for visiting me. Sorry to hear your mom has been sick, and your kids, too. It's good thing you have your art, right? I know it has saved my mental bacon more than once. :) It's interesting to see your earlier work, and then this darker piece. I am loving those red swirls with the eyes! xo

Kyra said...

Thank you :) And yes, it's good to have my art! It's both my solace and release. I can't imagine what I'd do without it!