Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Bug

I think I have Summer-Fever. Is that possible? I suddenly want to take off time from everything, pull out a hammock, set sun tea to brewing, slice up watermelon and strawberries, and not think about doing anything I don't want to!

I vaguely remember what that was like, as a child on Summer break. I think it hasn't been that way since I was a teenager and I started working (my first paying job was as a face painter in a carnival, actually! What was yours?) It was all downhill from there!

I just want to go and play!

My children are counting the hours until school is out at this point. My daughter turned 15 years old this past weekend, and she's ready for Summer because it means more busy times with camps and learning to drive (which means more for me to do.) My son just wants out, and is "graduating" 6th grade on Tuesday. By the way, when did elementary school graduations become such a big deal? People out here are throwing parties and giving lavish gifts to their kids. Me? I'm patting him on the head and saying "Nice job, on to Junior High!" I might make brownies or something.

I must be a bad mom. I just think that when you celebrate everything, it makes those bigger accomplishments seem not as big. I don't mind a "yay! Summer is here, school is out!" sort of BBQ or something, but these 6th grade parties and gifts remind me of a high school or college graduation (some of the children when my daughter graduated ended up with iPods and laptops and hundreds of dollars. Just blows my mind.)

Anyway... *ahem*

I made it into the second round of voting for the art licensing contract, and I'm trying to figure out which six paintings to submit for round two. I'm working on one now, that if it comes out right, I'd certainly like to include.

The darn thing popped its block though, when I was layering in the background. I must like to work far too wet in comparison to the average watercolor artist. I just like to play in the water! I can't restretch it what with all the color, so I've tacked it down to some foam board with the hopes that it'll behave itself and not buckle all over the place.

I wrote my studio newsletter for June, and I realize that May didn't result in a lot of work finished. Just Alice. I can't explain it, and I'm not happy about it! My finger is still broken, and I'm not happy about that either. It should be magically better by now, right?

Ahh well. At least Summer is almost here. Maybe I will take a little time off, and work on prepping for some shows with prints and such (not that it would qualify as time off... might have to rethink that.)

Are you ready for summer? Big plans? No plans?


Jeri Landers said...

Oh dear, You broke your finger??! I must have missed that post. Summer fever doesn't last long for me, because it just gets too unbearably hot here in the South. As far as letting the chicks hatch, I really needed to replenish my stock, as the fox decimated our chicken family last year, that is why we got the Great Pyrenees.

Almost Precious said...

Broken fingers take time to heal - I know it is hard to be patient, especially when it hampers just about everything you need to do.

Must be the summery weather. It makes me want to head off to a tropical island. Glad I don't have much money or I would have already bought my plane ticket. :D

I think society has gotten truly crazy. We want to make the smallest things into a very big deal. I remember when my sister graduated from college she got a bunch of cards and a few dollars from family and very close friends of the family.
Now kindegardener's have cap and gown gradutions, it may be cute but is it really necessary ? Guess I just don't get it. :)

Almost Precious said...

Oh just about forgot one very important thing ...
Congratulations on making it to round 2 in the art competition ! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

You are not a bad mom! I think parents these days go crazy over things! I don't know how they afford it and like you said, when it comes to really celebrating, it will be boring for the kid, because it was the same all the time. My first job was at a cinema. I lasted one night! LOL! Take care of your finger and enjoy summer ;o) Hugs ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

Did you like the ending of Game Of Thrones??? I wasn't sure? I was wanting more, especially what happened the week before!

Kyra Wilson said...

Yes, I was playing football and caught it wrong. So silly!

Our biggest hunters of our flock are usually the raccoons. But this year, nothing has broken into the coop. We have tons of chickens! :)

Kyra Wilson said...

I don't get it either. It ended up being a two hour ceremony complete with caps and tassels. For about 20 kids! Ugh!

Kyra Wilson said...

Thank you! :)

Kyra Wilson said...

I don't know how they afford all the celebrating either. It's beyond me. The poor kids kept yawning, and the other parents were going a bit stir-crazy too!

Kyra Wilson said...

I felt kind of let down. Lots of tying up storylines and setting them up for next season. Honestly? It was kind of boring. It's almost like last week should have been the finale!