Friday, March 1, 2013


I used to just love Fridays! Working hard all week, Friday was the signal that the party (and sleeping in) was about to start! Now it's a signal that my workspace will be invaded and focus will be impossible until Monday.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think Mondays are becoming my new Friday? They still have that "Monday Stigma" that lurks around the edges, though. So, maybe not. Perhaps having a career doing what you love means defining a new way of looking at the week altogether. I'll have to think on that a bit more.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had much chocolate cake. Much. As in, I'll be running marathons for the rest of my life to work off what I ate, and I already needed to lose 50lbs so I didn't do myself any favors, much. But it was really good.

Well, it's March. And it's muddy. Muddy March. Blecht. It's bad enough, that I'm starting to contemplate mud as a possible medium to work in. I mean, if it's going to be everywhere, there's got to be something I can do with it! I have a potter's wheel somewhere...

I finished my latest fairy painting:

"Alina" 9x12" watercolor on hotpressed paper.
I really love how she came out. Her wings went a little wrong at first because the blue didn't seem right, but then I layered in the shadows and the blue has this deep undertone in it that I just love, and it suddenly worked!

And now I'm working hard on some pieces for Thrice Magazine, (which they may or may not use, and are not illustrative, but inspired by the stories I am given for the upcoming issue) and are in the abstract or surreal realm of my art. It's a jarring switch from fairies to fractured, and because of that I'm trying to get them all done at once... I don't have much time anyway, so that's probably a good thing.

I finished the first little one yesterday:

"Feather" 4x6" acrylic on canvas panel

I have three more (two small, one larger) to go.

I'm struggling a little bit though, because I really want to continue on with my fairies (and have deadlines involving them as well.) I have a fairy and dragon all planned out that I'm going to switch to either oils or acrylics on a 16x20" stretched canvas for, and I really want to get going on it. But while I work in different styles, I can't switch back and forth between the two at the same time. It's too hard, for some reason.

Well, anyway. I'm down to my last "to-do" for today because it's the start of March. I need to get my calendar all laid out with my map for the month structured in it, so I know what the heck I am working on! You wouldn't believe it, but it really helped push me last month to stay on target with my goals for my work. So, here's hoping March doesn't look insane once I plug it all in! *crossing fingers*


  1. Now I find it hard to believe that you need to lose 50 lbs. Silly girl! Your fairy is striking. you have a real knack or painting flowing hair and fabric, really good! Now about those RACCOONS... oh yes, they are cute alright, and as vicious as the day is long. I love Spring, but look forward to it with misgivings as well, for I know that mother predators will soon be out looking for an easy meal. We lost 30 ducks one year to a family of fox!

  2. Having a couple more days in the month will be good, too :)

    Your fairy is the blue in her wings!
    How fun to be doing art for a magazine! How cool is that?!

    Glad your Birthday was deserve it!

  3. I am super late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your fairy is beautiful. I love the magical background surrounding her and the colour of it really brings out the lovely blue. I like your magazine piece too, I see a link between the style of each of these, the flowing lines and the magical quality! :)
    Jess xx


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