Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Up

Last night, we had family movie night. We don't really enjoy going to the theaters any more because of many things (people are exceptionally rude to the point that it causes simmering anger just to sit there, the seats are uncomfortable, it's a long drive to get there, it's seriously over priced, etc.) Luckily, my husband loves his toys and we have a large screen with surround sound, a fluffy couch, comfortable PJ's and more. We had a make your own pizza night, my parents came over, and we were all finally able to see The Hobbit!

Well, I should say "most of it" because both my husband, my daughter and I fell asleep at different parts. Now, this wasn't because of the movie. No, our dozing episodes had a great deal more to do with the time when the movie finally got started and some very full bellies while snuggled down all warm and comfy together. We're going to watch it again later today. My son, who didn't fall asleep, LOVED it, and wants to watch it more than once today (which is overkill, once should be plenty!)

After murdering that painting a couple days ago, I started that other one quickly to make up for it - and I finished it:

"Malvina" 9x12" watercolor on paper

It's fascinating how a face and body takes so little time compared to hair. Good grief, there are only about 3-4 layers on the body, but well into the double digits on the hair! Another thing I find fascinating is that I remember hearing that pretty much everyone in real life has every color of hair on their head, and that their hair color is determined by which one shows up in a dominate amount. I'm finding that to be a true statement when it comes to painting hair. In order to give it depth, no matter which color you choose, you're going to end up using all of them and just leaning heavily on one in particular to make the overall color.

I used iridescent paints again (I just don't think I'll ever be able to stop) on the hair and the dragon. The best thing about this painting is the dragon, because I had a little breakthrough of sorts: I started painting the body like I did the peacock's feathers from My Steed.

I started thinking to myself how short feathers and scales don't look remarkably different, and I think I actually heard the "click!"  I really feel like I improved my dragon so considerably that I am planning on doing a full sized one today (sketching it out anyhow!) Now all I have to decide is how I want him to be, exactly. I also have thought since this technique is rougher, perhaps that paper that let me down and killed my painting from before would actually work for this? I don't want to kill another painting though! Hmm....


Magic Love Crow said...

Family movie night sounds like so much fun! I have to admit, watching movies at home, I love too! My older brother still likes going to the theater! He loves really BIG screens! Especially if it's in 3D! I would rather stay home any day ;o) Your watercolor is stunning! She is breathe taking! I love the dragon nestled around her ;o) I never knew that about our hair! Very interesting! Have a great one ;o)

Cameron said...

This is mystically beautiful! The hair looks like it takes ages....but it always my favorite part of your paintings!

Of course, the little dragon sure is an attention getter, too. His coloring is gorgeous!

Happy Easter to you and your family :)