Monday, September 30, 2013


I went from stressed out to just about hitting my limit on stress since I last checked in, because we've decided to make an offer on the house we like. If it doesn't work out, we'll be OK staying here too, though. This is the same house we liked that had some weird things happen. I don't know if games are being played, or if it was just a weird happening, but it certainly put my back up a bit.

Still, we like the house better than the others we have seen and it has more space (and business potential! It has a studio space for me!) than our current home, so we decided to make an offer. This means that we're also putting our house on the market, so we're currently in a state of total chaos trying to get a HUGE list of things that need to be done by a week from today. For example, I'm painting my bedroom and bathroom to a more "neutral" look because I have this cloud-like pattern in deep dark purples and whites. Everyone likes it, but it's not neutral so it has to go.

I admit, there is a part of me that is relieved that I don't have to paint over the mural in my son's room. These are a couple snaps from when I was painting it, mountains on the bottom, sky, clouds, and space. People PAY me to do this, and I did it out of love for my boy, so I'm glad I wasn't told to paint it over. Maybe the new owners will, but at least I won't see it happen, or do it myself:

I don't have to do my daughter's room either (which has it's own cool stuff)... really just my own room. And all the curtains must go (except I refused to do that in the bedrooms.) And some of the furniture. And all the knickknacks, and no decorations for Halloween.  I thought my kids were going to mutiny on me this morning when they were told that. There were almost tears over it! I feel so horrible. My only hope is that the house will sell before Christmas, so they can go hog-wild in the new house with our over the top decor. 

That's assuming everything works out. 


The closest I'm coming to any Halloween decor will be my mini-paintings... of which I'm on a mouse streak right now. I just love the little mice, and so I'm running with it. They make me happy, what can I say?

I can't get into my studio properly right now anyway (to paint my red queen), so it seems all I have in my future are mini-paintings right now. I'm sure going to miss my fun decorations!

We're doing so much work on the house. Sigh. Upside of this is that if the other house doesn't work, we'll have a shinier house to stay in! We won't be looking for another one, we'll just get more creative about the space we have. At this point, I'm so stressed out, I figure either way it goes is fine. (But I hope it works out, because the extra costs are starting to stack up... I'd hate it to be for nothing.)

Mice, I'm going to make an effort to sneak in mice painting tomorrow!


  1. Oh it must be so scary, especially at this time of year! I hope you get the new house and either way, end up where you and your family are happiest! The mice are so cute. How do you paint so small? It amazes me! The mice make me smile and look forward to Autumn coming in.

  2. The little mice are perfect on the tiny canvases! You ought to take some more pics before all your murals are gone forever, they must have taken ages to do. Good luck with the house move.

  3. I wish you all the best my friend! It's a lot of work! You know, I hate when you can't show your house as it is! If the new people want to do something, let them do it! We had two houses sell on our street, that were totally redone before selling, guess what?? The new people, in both houses, gutted them again! What I care about, when looking at a house, is if it is clean! I just truly hope everything does work out!!! Your little mice are too cute!!!! Big Hugs and remember to breath ;o)

  4. Buying a new home and selling a home are certainly "Life Changes" and I can understand why you'd be stressed. The realtors all seem to have a long list of things that needs to be done to a home in order for it to sell. Luckily I've been hearing that home prices are getting back to a normal and in some places it is becoming a seller's market - just hope the greed of the real estate agencies don't create another buying frenzy that leads to another housing bubble.

    I love your tiny mice minis, they are adorable. :)


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