Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Swimmin' with the Fishies!

Yesterday evening I managed to squeak out my mermaid finally!

"Selena"Acrylic, canvas panel, 5x7
Side shot, so you can see the iridescent paint!

I was worried there for a little bit. Nothing seemed to be going right, as I had said earlier. The funniest thing was that I had under-painted it in violet, and people (my husband in particular) really have a hard time seeing past that to where you're going with your piece. I learned a long time ago not to show anyone the underpainting as it tended to worry folks.

Even so, when *I* am worried about something turning out, having someone looking over my shoulder at the purple alien with a fish tail and giving you one of those looks is NOT helpful. I mean, I love the man to pieces, but seriously!

Anyway, I'm very happy with how it came out. Plus, now that I have figured out a few things, I want to try a couple more mermaids. I want to change some things, develop some things. This one took far too much time, given what I'll sell it for, but I think I can do better. I KNOW I can do better with my speed on this. I see more mermaids in my future!

In particular, the iridescent paint works unbelievably well with the fish scales and lighting up her hair (which means I can do it in any color hair as well, since I have pretty much everything in iridescents... It's a sickness at this point, my addiction to the iridescent paints.)

My only main complaint this time through is that the canvas panel is no where near a medium tooth. It's extremely rough and uneven, which probably added to my frustration. I really prefer a smooth surface. I have some clayboards (might be too absorbant?) and wooden panels around here somewhere, I really ought to pull them out for this. Especially since I picked up some fabulous frames for a panel. One in particular is white with a shell pattern (sort of) in the heavy metal edging, it's just begging for a mermaid! I'll definitely be painting one for it after this!

I'm going to be posting this one for sale tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of reception it gets!


Gina said...

She is delicious! The detail on her scales is absolutely stunning!
As to canvas board texture, have you tried scraping a layer of gesso on to it before use, to fill in the surface? :D XXX

Kyra said...

Actually, I thought about it, but haven't (truth is, I actually don't have any onhand! Eeek! I'll have to order some soon.)

Jess said...

Wow she's gorgeous Kyra, you've done a great job! I tend to keep paintings hidden until they're cooked because any comments half way through stay in my mind and ruin any spontaneity I might have had. :) Personally I like the texture but if you want to make it smoother, I'd either use layers of gesso, sanded when dry. I did this for the face of 'The Messenger' as I wanted it to look serene in contrast to the background's texture.
Jess x x

Kristin said...

Um, yeah. She's brilliant! Absolutely gorgeous! AND I can see why you have an iridescent paint affliction - it's right up there with my Stickles disorder - but a girl just can't help being attracted to those pretty shiny things! Beautiful work. ;)) xo

Kyra said...

Yeah, I've been back and forth with keeping things hidden. But I've found on my personal FB page and the business one that posting in progress shots keeps people interested. They're really keen on seeing how something is created! For us, it's a normal process, to them, it's something new!

Kyra said...

Stickles might get me into even more trouble! :) It is the shiny, isn't it? Man, I just love sparkly and shiny!