Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Video Mon...er.. Tuesday!

Hi everyone! I managed to get my Video Monday done... a day late. I debated doing it at all, but I decided to get one in super-fast. So, here it is! (OH, and you get to meet my cat, Socrates in it. Before you ask: he's 22 lbs, and I'm pretty sure he's bigger in person.)

A better shot of Socrates:

A better shot of the canvases I'm working on this week:

Two in progress pieces. The dragon and girl (fairy? not sure yet) is 16x20", and the Cheshire Cat is 8x16", both on stretched canvas. I went a little heavier than normal with my pencil on my girl, I think I was getting frustrated. At least I can be a bit more imprecise when on canvas because of the heavier paint. Every stroke doesn't count against you like it does in watercolor. I'm finding it a bit tricky switching between watercolor and traditional painting. I'll be fine once I shake the kinks out!


Magic Love Crow said...

Sorry your hubby was sick! Kyra, I LOVE your cat!! I want you cat! LOL! I think you should leave a picture of Socrates on your blog, always ;o) Beautiful cat!! Your orange cat is amazing!! I can't wait to see your next two pieces finished! Have a great one ;o)

Nadia said...

Oh wow, Socrates is really pretty! Can't waith to see the finished paintings!

Susana Tavares said...

Your cat is so pretty! Love your cat painting so coll. xox