Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moving Forward

The time out worked, and I was finally able to finish this piece:

"By the Light" 18x12, watercolor & acrylic on 140lbs hot-pressed paper

It's a big piece, and I realize that I should have probably done it on a canvas. But, it had originally been intended as an all watercolor piece. I think I'm more of a canvas worker. Or really, a board one too - I'm keen to try those. I've ordered them, I just haven't done anything on them yet.

I do have a lot in the works though. My next project is to complete several ACEO's for an online auction on Monday, I have three paintings I need to do for an upcoming issue of Thrice Fiction Magazine that the art editor requested - one of which dovetails a bit with another one I was toying with, I'm going to see if I can't kill two birds with one stone on that, and I need to get back to my queen of hearts. Tons to do, and I realize I miss working on my larger pieces. I need to stop focusing on the little stuff so much, and really focus on the bigger pieces that make me feel more fulfilled.

It's hard to focus on much of anything when you feel complete pulled in 100 different directions though. My daily art just hasn't happened. I've been trying to just keep my head above water with everything happening. For example, last night we got one more green light on our potential move. We're now waiting for the last one, and if we get that? It's game on. Full speed, trying to sell our house and move states in under three months. Crazy. That's what that is!


  1. Your new painting turned out stunning! As always ;o) The detail is amazing! You have so much going on! Make sure to breathe ;o) Wishing you all the best for the potential move ;o)

  2. Kyra, I love the way you fill a page so beautifully and with such lush detail and precision. It is a gorgeous work of art.. A job well done! I agree that you should work on pieces that fulfill you. It may help to ease the stress that surrounds a young mother such as yourself. If you move to North Carolina, I think you would love it. One of my favorite, most beautiful states and very laid back....

  3. This is beautiful. So much to see and drink in. I know what you mean about not getting daily time and yet you still get so much accomplished :) Good luck with those green lights!


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