Monday, November 5, 2012

Sleepy Studio

I ended up taking the weekend off to focus on the family, and so I thought I would be jumping right into studio work today. Instead? Well, I recently quit coffee (as in Saturday I quit - health reasons) and I found myself falling sleep and lacking motivation for most of the day.

I'm rather disappointed, because I'm finally down to working on the kittens in my Halloween painting:

I know it's blurry, sorry. The cell phone only does so much, it seems!

I finished the boot, and I really like the textures I achieved (in particular in the checkered areas.) Tomorrow, I'm planning much kitten-goodness.

I also did manage to finish a secret project which I hope to share in a few days... But until then I'll just say I played with watercolor pencils, thinking I would just use them like colored pencils on cold pressed, but I ended up wetting them to smooth out the values. I just don't like rough-choppy in my own work. I'm fine with it in other's, but on my own it drives me absolutely batty. I want smooth!

I have plans, once I finish the Halloween painting, and two commissions (which I'll post the sketches to soon), to start in on the backlog of holiday paintings. My kids took down our Halloween decor, and put up some of the winter holiday decor, and I'm simply dying to start painting those! Especially since I have some left unfinished from last year! It'll be good to paint with the season, and to clear out the backlog!

I'm also itching to work on an unfinished painting of my Alice, but I'm thinking she'll probably have to wait until the slower season in January. Clearly, there's never enough time - but that's complicated by the unexpected napping from the caffeine withdrawals!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

The texture is really cool indeed! Looks great and I can't wait to see the cats:D

Jess said...

It's looking good Kyra! I love the checkered pattern too, so beautifully vivid. :) It's funny how our own art can be so different to other art that we admire. My own goes from loose areas to tight detail, I'm not sure which one I am. ;)
Jess x

Almost Precious said...

It is coming along beautifully. Can't wait to see your secret project, I'm sure it will be lovely. :)

Kyra said...

Yes, I find I prefer in other's art what I can't seem to pull off myself! :)

Introverted Art said...

Kyra this truly is looking amazing. All the details and colors on it are vibrant and cohesive. Now I am dyig to find out about the secret project!