Saturday, January 4, 2014


I'm posting without all the new art to share, because I'm trying to remind myself that I'm not only going to post when something is done! (That whole blog-resolution thing I had going.)

Well, except I will share pictures. I like visuals for my art blog.

So, it's cold out here. COLD-cold. Last night I was out with my husband at a business dinner and it was -19 F (-28C) with a windchill about -30 F ( -34C). Now, folks, that's just cold! Parts of your body just go numb, after screaming at you in agony for a few seconds. It's not pleasant.

This morning, it was up to 1 degree (-17C). Interestingly, it feels just about as cold. Possibly because the windchill isn't that different. But the sun is out, and the snow is blowing around outside in the most amazing patterns. In the field next to my house, it actually looks like a frozen ocean, complete with waves. (These are from instagram for the most part, I'm trying to remember to use the account: kyraart - I had deleted my original one when they had their sneaky policies in place.)

This doesn't really do it justice. It's amazing, wave-like, and dynamic!
I did have to go out in it (hence why I took a photo), to retrieve my daughter from a friend's sleepover. Oh, the things we do for our children.

I brought my co-pilot in the car with me though so we could shiver together. 
And once I got home, I...well, I'm still not warmed up. Every time I venture farther than 10 feet from my fireplace I end up chilly again. Fully socks, or no, it's cold!

I'm working on getting my spot back in front of the fireplace. Lily won't leave it.
My first projects for my art in 2014 actually came out of left field for me. Granted it was my own fault, because I wasn't paying attention. I'm part of an artist collective that does an auction every month with a theme. This month's theme is Marie Antoinette. So, I have two sketched out:

And I got to work on them yesterday. I heavily salted their backgrounds, and I'm hoping I haven't over done it.

They always look like zombies with the violet layer. Long ways to go, but it makes me wonder about stopping at this point on a picture... a purple girl... Might be kind of cool?

Today, I've been too cold to work. My joints hurt in my hands. Some of this is without a doubt due to the cold, but some of it is the over indulging I've been doing for a while. If my body swells, my hands don't work as well. It's unfair, but true.

Tomorrow, my husband and I are starting a new fitness plan, and with it we'll be locking our food back down again too. I'm hoping that clears up most of the issue for me. The rest? Well, I'm contemplating painting with an electric blanket on my shoulders!

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Magic Love Crow said...

It's been freezing here too! But, at least we have our power on, that's the main thing! When we lost power before Christmas, that was hard. Now we are getting a snow storm tomorrow! At least mother nature keeps us on our toes ;o) Love your puppy pictures ;o) I am sorry about the pain and swelling you are going through! I know many people, when the temperature changes, it affects them! As always, your art is stunning! Take Care and be well ;o)