Thursday, November 15, 2012

Playing Catch-up

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted! I've had a lot of projects against a deadline hounding me, I've had a nasty cold, and my daughter is also in a school play (which means all our schedules have been completely dumped on their heads! Just last night I was sitting in my freezing car at 11:45PM waiting for rehearsal to get out so I could take her home. The poor girl was so tired, she was almost tearful this morning!)  Fortunately, it's show-weekend, so by Monday that part of the stress will be over!

I did get my finished Halloween Kittens up for sale...

on my main website: here, and prints starting at $17: here.

I also just finished another piece for the upcoming issue of THRICE Fiction Magazine. I can't just post a picture of it, because it is NOT work-safe. However, you can view it at the following link: here.

I'm working on a cute little commission right now of two owls in a tree:

And I realized that I'm simply dying to start painting snow, holiday type paintings. I was grumpy, working along, until I started painting that snow. Once I started, I felt my mood physically lift. I want to paint snow-stuff!

Queued up I have paintings of holiday ornaments, a snow queen, a Santa Claus, a snowman, and more! It's time! I've even started one that's similar to the owls, but in the branches I'm going to paint three ornaments. I haven't figured out which ones yet, but there will be three, and if I can make them shiny with iridescent paint - I will!

I've also started trying to learn how to sketch Celtic Knots. They're so linear that you can get a bit lost at times. I'm waiting on some graph paper and pencils, but I'm going to spend my doodling time on this right now so I can work some knot-work into some of my paintings (as well as possibly on another commission I'm still fleshing out a bit right now.)

Oh, and lastly, I've decided that if I can get my facebook page up to 300 likes, I'm going to give away a free 5x7 (acrylic, canvas panel) original in a drawing. Once I hit 300, anyone is eligible - I'll put the call out, and then have a random drawing to see who wins (they don't have to be new to the page.)

And that is where things are at! I'm in a Christmas mood, and just trying to keep up with my schedule! I hope everyone else is doing well!


  1. Your work is just fabulous, and I can see how celtic knots would blend beautifully with your style. Off to like your Fb page :D XXX

    1. Thanks Gina! Hopefully I'll figure the knots out quickly! :)

  2. Kyra, In answer to your masking question, I use masking once in a blue moon, I just make a mess with it! But I am able to leave a lot of white areas nevertheless. I go back with white gouache when necessary.
    What kind of printing process are you using, Giclee or offset litho or do you print at home? I am getting in a winter mood also, which is good because the illustrations for my book are traveling from Autumn into winter... as the pages move along. I can't wait! Your cup to the right is just gorgeous>

    1. Hmm, I haven't played much with gouache, I'll have to look into that. The printing process are Giclee prints. For shows and signed prints there is a printer about an hour from where I live that does a really wonderful job, and then I partnered with Fine Art America for my other online prints (and ordered from them to test it, and I'm very happy with their quality. Plus if there is a problem, they'll handle it and make it right for the customer.) I just love looking at your illustrations Jeri!

  3. I was chuckling when I saw the slice of I understand what "work safe" means ;P

    Your Halloween Kittens turned out just perfectly....and I love the way the owl piece is taking form ;)

    Such a busy, busy girl you are :D

    1. LOL Yeah... work safe... LOL It makes more sense, if the editors pair it with the stories I was working from. We'll see if it gets used or not. ;)

  4. I love your Halloween painting!! It is so beautiful! I hope you are feeling better ;o)


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