Friday, November 9, 2012


Alright, I can finally share what I was up to with my watercolor pencils. I won't explain the backstory because it's personal to the recipient, but I'll leave it that she and her husband lost a member of their furry family.

I simply couldn't get the images out of my mind, and before I knew it I was pulling out my cold-pressed and my watercolor pencils and sketching away! I wanted to use the pencils because I thought I could bring a uniform look to the texture that way, but it backfired on me. It was even more rough in texture than I could have imagined (I should have gone with the hot-pressed, but it still has my Halloween witch on the block.)

I quickly grabbed my brushes and set to wetting the color and I ended up pleased with the results. While I like the hot-pressed smooth results, the cold-pressed texture gives a little bit of movement, a hint at it not being in stasis. 

This sweetie had the most perfect heart on her side that I have EVER seen on an animal. It wasn't subtle at all! So beautiful!

I definitely plan on exploring more projects with the watercolor pencils and both the hot and cold pressed. It's definitely a new avenue for me to explore!


  1. Oh she is precious and so is your painting of her. She must have been a very special pet to have been blessed with such a natural marking - a symbol of love. :)

  2. What a beautiful and precious cat! I love the heart marking!

  3. Wow Kyra, the details and colors on it are beautiful. I feel like he is ready to jump off the page.

  4. Love all these (& those owls - too cute) came via Stacy's blog & we NEVER get snow here at Christmas but still relate to the 'White Christmas's' held in far off magical places!


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