Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday! (and a giveaway!)

The first Friday of 2013, and I'm welcoming it with a giveaway! Well, OK, it's actually because my Facebook Art Page is finally up to 300 likes, but it IS still Friday... Anyway... *ahem*

It's time to give away the free 5x7 painting!!!

Who's eligible? ANYONE! There are two ways to earn entries. First, like this facebook fan page, the second is to tweet the giveaway (which is optional.) The raffle is open from today until Monday at midnight, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday! Shipping is included if you are in the US or Canada, and if you are outside of those areas there will just be a small shipping fee just to offset the cost. 

You will get to choose either a 5x7 Acrylic canvas panel painting, or a watercolor painting. You get to then choose the kind of painting or elements you'd like to see (no portraits), and then I get to run with the idea and you get to own the result!

If you have questions, please ask! 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Moving on, Cosmo came home yesterday. I admit, seeing him without his leg was shocking even though I was prepared for it. He was much perkier than I thought he would be, and the vet apparently commented on it to my husband that he actually does seem happier. His leg must have really been hurting him more than we even thought. I'm hoping once he's all healed up he'll be back to his old self!

Cosmo, just happy to be home and snacking already!

The good news is that I'm feeling like the fires are back to building up and I'm ready to go! I want to knock out this fairy/peacock commission, get this new abstract finished (and there is another one half completed that I'd like to get done) and then I plan on diving back into my Alice series, I think with perhaps a much bigger piece (24x36?) This means I need to hit my sketchbook because I simply haven't settled on what I want my Cheshire Cat and Caterpillar to look like yet, but I have a good idea about my Queen of Hearts and other characters. I think it's time for a large composition featuring a lot of elements (but I don't want it to get too busy either...)  

So, lots percolating, even if nothing is getting done in the physical realm. It'll come! 

My husband is still home, so I haven't accomplished anything in the studio. I'm hoping I will but I wonder if it's going to take until Monday. I should be able to sketch out my commission piece without much of a problem, but for some reason disappearing off into my studio to paint is near impossible with other people in the house! (But he's cute, so it's OK *wink*)


  1. I'm so glad that Cosmo is doing well. He looks like he's smiling in that picture. And wow, a custom painting as a giveaway?! That's super generous of you. I entered. :)

  2. Cosmo is such a cutie pie :) Wishing him speedy healing and adjusting to his new biomechanics. I love Alice In Wonderland - such a creative book. Can't wait to see how you visualize it :)

    1. Thank you! Fleshing out my Alice series has been a lot longer of a process than I anticipated, but I know I'll finish it this year!

  3. Never nice to have a dog with cancer, we lost one of it:( Hope Cosmo is feeling better! Will you be posting the custom painting when it's finished?
    I am very curious how it will turn out!

    1. I will definitely be posting pictures of the custom painting when it's finished! :)

  4. Cosmo looks much happier today :D...and so am I after entering your give away :D XXX

    1. Yes, he doesn't like the vet very much! He's rather hang out here with the family, he's a big homebody!

  5. oh Kyra, seeing little Cosmo without his leg gave me goosebumps. He does seem ok though and what we want the most is to make sure our babies are not in pain.


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