Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I finished the painting that was bugging me earlier.

Acrylic, Metallic
16" x 20" x .75"
Gallery Wrapped

I'm glad it's done, but my husband absolutely hates it. Well, you can't win them all I suppose. The truth is that it's fine when someone doesn't like my art. Heck, I don't always like my art either. What is interesting is that only one person has to like it enough to want to keep it. It's just about what speaks to you, and that is independent of everyone else.

It's funny how artists use art to define themselves, but it's really the buyer who is expressing their own unique qualities by what they select for their own collections. This is what always makes the critics who try to psychoanalyze an artist through their art rather interesting... I always wonder what they have hanging on their walls.

I actually kind of like the lilies. I may have to experiment with them, away from the Enchanted series. Maybe go back to my swirly skies... I might actually start playing with something tomorrow with this. Lilies can be a bit monotonous, but they're just kinda cool too. No wonder Monet payed them such tribute.


Avitable said...

I think they look pretty neat.

Karl said...

I love your work.

Anonymous said...

The dark to light...I love it!

Charles P.