Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today, I hit a roadblock with my painting I mentioned earlier that has similar characteristic to Alone. My intention was to create a strong reflection in the water, and thus create a Tree of Life look to it. But everything I try, in order to achieve the reflection looks... wrong. It's seriously annoying me.

Worse, I have a huge area of water - much larger than Alone - to deal with. I'm switching tracks. I'm looking into adding lily-pads... and anything else I can come up with. I hate messing up a painting. It doesn't happen often, so I find I have a lack of patience when it does. Unfortunately, it's been happening more frequently than I would like. This would make the third painting in a recent string that has gone awry.

I started in on the pastel version of the Enchanted series, and it's not going well either. *sigh* Sometimes I have days where I wish I had someone more to yell at than my paint brushes and my own two hands.

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