Monday, January 4, 2016


My father brought with him a Christmas Cold when he came over. I thought we had escaped it, but my son started sniffling a few days later. Then I thought, well, maybe only my son would get it and I'd be safe.


I've got the full-on sniffles and misery thing going. But I HAVE STUFF TO DO! Doggonnit! Paintings, PAINTINGS! I have almost 60 paintings to complete by November and I haven't even started yet!

I know, I know. Why am I writing a blog post, then? Well, admittedly there is some procrastination involved. However, I spent all of today working on the business side of things (finances, website, etc.) So, as long as I'm online, well, I might as well do a better job of checking in, too!

I'm searching for a reference photo of a rocking horse for my first painting of 2016, which needs to be completed by Wednesday if I am to stay on track. I have also decided to go with the 12 Dancing Princesses for my new Fairy Tale series for 2016. I found so many stories to pick from, but this one just stuck with me. Lots of ball gowns... and slippers.

In the midst of getting things rolling for 2016, I also need to find an optometrist.   I have finally admitted that I am having a horrible time seeing stuff, so it's time to get real glasses for working and reading. I have seen one who gave me a light prescription for glasses for when I work, and I admit I rarely wore them. Now, I cannot work without them and frankly they're just not right. I need a better prescription. Age is catching up to me!


Jeri Landers said...

KYRA! Good to see you are settling in to your new state. I wondered how I would fare when I first moved from Colorado to Tennessee, I knew I would miss the snow, but lo and behold, I've not been disappointed. After 25 years, we still get a few snowstorms each winter...that's good enough! I love that you are taking on a huge goal of 60 paintings, that is just marvelous and YOU have the motivation, it seems. My goal is not quite so ambitious with around 24 to 30 full size illustrations. Let's do it!

Magic Love Crow said...

Kyra, I hope you and your family are feeling better! Your new paintings sound wonderful! 60 is a lot, but I know you can do it! I hope you got some real glasses! They do help! All the best!