Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Slow Start

I woke up this morning to a little snowy surprise! I went to sleep to the patter of rain, and I woke up to this out my bedroom window:

2-3 inches of snow, I think? It's quiet, no wind. Everything is still. I dreamed of drawing dragons last night, so I had that on my brain (along with the thought that the cold-pressed texture of the paper might be perfect for a dragon, now that I was thinking about a big one!) But I know I need to knock out my caterpillar, as soon as I possibly can because I'm behind schedule.

So, instead of hitting my studio this morning, I got mired in thoughts of dragons warring with caterpillars, accomplishing nothing more than hanging out in front of the fire with my kiddos and pets, while reading a book.

I feel the pressure to get stuff done... but I'm also not moving much.  Ahh well... maybe I'll get around to it a bit later.

Nap, anyone?


Cameron said...

What a gorgeous sight!
Of course, drowsy days by the fire with the kids, furry and non, seems like a nice way to not be painting.....and an experience you will miss when they are grown....

Enjoy your nap :)

Nadia said...

Is that really your view every day? Wow, that's nice!! The fire looks nice and cozy. xox

Kyra Wilson said...

Yes, that's the view from my bedroom window. :)

Kyra Wilson said...

There is something wonderful about snuggling by the fire when it's cold outside!

Magic Love Crow said...

It's good to relax ;o) Enjoy yourself, with your kids and your fur babies! I love dragons!