Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Monday

Hello all! I've done another vlog for my Video Monday, and I've got a slew of stuff cookin' today!

First, let me clarify this after the video: you try to cover it with your thumb, and then whichever one shows the object covered when you close the other is the dominate eye.

Moving on, here is my finished Caterpillar painting:

"Cool Cat" 9x12" acrylic on stretched canvas

I like him! He's very laid back, something I'm not. I always wish that I could be more Zen about stuff, but I'm a lot more like the white rabbit than the caterpillar.

Today, minus working on the video and getting my caterpillar all squared away, I'm working on those watercolors I showed in the video. This is an earlier in progress sketch:

A friend mentioned she'd be interested in just a sketch some time, that she prefers the medium. I, once upon a time, was afraid of color and ONLY did black and white sketches (I clearly have gone whole hog on the color now, though. It's an addiction at this point. Color, and the shiny color. Shiny!) So, I'm contemplating making a nice sketch. You know, all back to my roots and all! I may try that a bit down the road when I don't have so many deadlines on me!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Nadia said...

Love the fairy!! She is beautiful. About the eye, did you ever tried glasses with, on the side for the dominant eye, a special cylinder which correct the brain? Hubby has one and he says it helps but I don't know if he has exactly the same as you have.

Cameron said...

Happy Birthday! Fully enjoy your day! I turn 40 this year....and, believe it or not, I am looking forward to it :)

I definately have a dominant becomes fatigued when I spend too much time on the computer....

I love the caterpillar! He is definately a very cool cat!
That fairy is gorgeous....the backgroud is just so yummy so far!

Hope you celebrate all week long!

Jess said...

Your sketch is gorgeous. My paintings tend to be too colourful for a lot of people's tastes but I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to please my own eye with the bright colours! In fact I've just ordered some fluorescent pink -yay!xx

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Happy Birthday! So fun to put a voice to a photo and talent :)

In the US we saw a great optometrist who was more holistic than an optimologist. Perhaps get a second opinion? Vision is so important for you, surely someone can help you out. I know there are light therapies to help with vision issues (sounds crazy I know), but I know it has helped quite a few friends.

Kristin said...

Okay, I still don't get the dominant eye test but I loved watching your video and love seeing your work as you hold it. You're so beautiful too - HAPPPPY Birthday to you, I hope it's a wonderful one :) xoxo

Magic Love Crow said...

That is very interesting about the dominant eye! I don't think I have one? Do you think your glasses are just too strong??? Something to think about? Your Caterpillar painting is cool! Happy Birthday! Enjoy life and don't worry about a number ;o)