Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. It seems odd really, given that I'm such a freak about all the Autumn and other Winter holidays. It might be the fat babies flying around in diapers shooting people, or the overwhelming waves of pink, but I guess I'm a bit of a Valentine's Scrooge.

The one thing I've always enjoyed about Valentine's Day is drawing stuff. It seems like there is always something that can be drawn about it, and no one gives you grief for drawing hearts on everything. However, this year (like so many others) I just wasn't feeling it and so I didn't make anything prior to the day. However, today I set aside my current paintings and made this in honor (spite?) of the day:

"Valentine" 4x6" watercolor.

I just really liked the idea of the black swan (tall, dark, and handsome) meeting up tenderly with the white one for a little quiet moment in a still pond with flowers. My nod to the pepto-pink holiday is in the petals, as well as the heart shape echoed not only in the necks of the swans, but their reflection, their shadows, and upside down from the yellow spreading into the water and the light on the water. I snuck hearts in, without actually painting any.

If you're into the holiday, then Happy Valentine's Day to you. If you're not? All that candy will be on clearance in just a few hours! *wink*


  1. I totally love this painting!! It is so full of love and it reminds me of the movie "black swan" which I really loved! I wish I could paint more....

  2. haha! That's so funny - I love the fat baby joke!! Well, I LOVE what you did here - and love the hidden hearts. Bravo, xoxo

  3. This painting is precious! Clearance Valentine candy, yepee! LOL!


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