Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Blahs

So, we got a little snow with the storm, but nowhere near what we were supposed to. About four inches or so. Very disappointing. However, I did putter around and after thinking I would take the weekend off from the studio, I found myself arguing and asking why? It's funny when your fun-time activities are also your job, you can either end up playing all the time or working all the time (depending on how you look at it, or which part of the business you're working on!)

I decided to sketch out something fun for me:

I thought a fast watercolor (even if it is a 9x12, so it's clearly not going to be that fast) would be fun. Playtime.

I popped in the background, and got into a fight with the block and pooling issues (it buckled so bad, it actually popped the block in several places. I wasn't even using that much water.) I wasn't planning on salting it, but I felt the pigment might make more interesting gathered areas, so I ended up salting it in the end.

That was how far I got over the weekend, but come Monday morning I didn't want to just set it down. So, instead of starting in on my caterpillar, I worked on this some more. It was extremely slow going:

I need to fix her mouth, and her hair once I get it all filled in won't leave so much forehead exposed (she's all skull at this point and it bugs me!) and her dress will be black. I'm not sure if I like it. Her face got a bit muddy, and I'm not sure why that is. However, I feel like I have to finish her, even if I'm not thrilled. It's like going to a movie you don't like, I'm just not a walk-outer. Besides, I've turned others around before, so you never know! Anyway, with Monday being all "blah" and me in a bit of a funk, this did not help!

In other news, I wish I could have rainbow hair.

Also, this evening I went and played with my kids in the snow. Instead of snowmen, we built Jaws:

You can see the snow-swimmer behind her. He's not gonna make it, I can tell. And yes, he's already munching on someone...
We had a fabulous time, even though it was starting to rain and melt everything off. We ended the evening with a fire and s'mores. Not a bad way to end a Monday!


  1. Turning a blah Monday into a fun fest of Snow Jaws and s'mores sounds perfect.....and gives hope of turning this painting around for you, too.... (though it doesn't look at all bad from this side of the screen :D)!

  2. I think she looks nice but still a bit pale in the face, maybe some little more colour on the cheeks will do? I like the hair and the background, so full of colour. Maybe it's not totally what you had hoped but I think you get it right at the end!

  3. I have a stack of finished paintings that I finished 'just because'. :) I like her and I love her's very Mardi Gras. She might surprise you and turn out to be a real stunner.
    As for Jaws in your yard - OMG - that is hysterical! xo

  4. Since I am not much of a painter and definitely not a watercolorist, all I can say is I am in awe of how you can control such a fluid but wonderful medium. I think she is beautiful but then you being the artist, I'm sure you see every tiny flaw or the smallest thing that is just "not quite right". In the end I'm sure she will dazzle everyone.

    The snow shark is cute and clever - looks like it was fun for everyone.

  5. You could have rainbow hair couldn't you? I love her ribbony hair, it must have been so much fun to paint! :) xx

  6. I love Jaws!!! Too cool! Sorry you didn't get as much snow as you wanted, but at least you had fun ;o) I love what you created for yourself! Very special!

  7. I get those blahs too...nice work on the your painting here and the Valentine swans! I am not into Valentines all that much either...we just think of it as our son's birthday.


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