Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's Halloween time, and I'm not working on anything Halloween! GAH! It's so not right! But it's next on my list.

I'm currently working on a painting for charity. Because I have Alice in Wonderland on my brain because it was my next project, the picture turned into an Alice in Wonderland picture. Clearly my brain has it's own ideas. The theme (not my decision) was Garden Party, so it's understandable that it went that way, but still.

I hope to have that painting finished today, and I'll post a picture of it. Then? Fun stuff, Halloween stuff... jack-o-lanterns, and more! And then back to Alice stuff. Or maybe Alice will hit the back burner until January, and I'll just get into the holiday stuff.

Website - haven't moved on this yet. I think I've got my direction with design, and while I don't like using a canned site, the reality is that it's easier to update with new things. I also found a printer, which will make my Giclee prints affordable! I'm so excited! I've also finally got plans in the works for a calendar. It won't be ready for 2012, but it'll be ready to pop for 2013. So, stuff is rolling, things WILL be happening!

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