Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garden Party

Finally! I finished a painting that has taken much time than I expected. This painting is going up for auction for a charity in a couple months (I'll make sure to let you know if it will be public or not, if you want a shot at the original), but I am making prints out of it.

I was asked to do a painting for my son's school, as were many other artists. Then, I was asked to teach the class that is going along with it. Professional artists are to create and donate an original painting, and then 12 children are going to be in the class, choose one each, and create their own painting semi-inspired by the pro-artist's. The paintings will then be paired together, and go to auction to raise money for the school (which desperately needs it.)

The theme we were given was "Garden Party", and whatever that meant to us. I've seen the other paintings, as I am the teacher. There are abstract, impressionists, and more in the bunch. My brain took it to Alice in Wonderland, likely because I am actually working on a series with my daughter as my Alice.

The photo is fuzzy, and just a quick snap - because it's not all dry yet, and thus the art-shoot of it will be a little while just yet.

I've settled on what I'm going to do with my site, AND my business, and my goal it to launch sometime in January with the new site, and lots of new prints and paintings!

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