Saturday, October 22, 2011


A bit of frustration that should have been anticipated, but wasn't, finally lit a fire under me. I can be as irritated as I want at the outside influence, but really it's my own fault if I should have known. That being said, this bout of aggravation lead to my finally taking steps to make everything better.

First stop? Start putting things in the Etsy store. No longer will I be simply announcing that a new painting is finished and for sale without a direct buy option, it leads to a tangled mess, and frankly? Sales get lost in the process. Plus, I know that most people want to buy something without the personal interaction. We had already decided to revamp the website with an easy direct buy option through the site, but that is taking a bit of time because it's all part of a major site overhaul. But in addition to that, we had also decided on a few other venues for access - one of those being Etsy.

So, we now have an official Etsy K. Wilson Studio, Kyra Wilson Original Art Store. Is everything in it yet? Nope. That'll be slow moving, I think, but I'll get it done as I revamp and everything gets organized (so there should be more things added daily!) However, anything new will immediately be in the store (it's really the older stuff that will be slowly added over the next few weeks.) Going forward, it's the right way to roll, and it feels good to boot!

I'm planning on having Giclee prints made of a few things, including the garden party I recently finished, but also my snowman painting. I'm excited, because I have found a printer here that specializes in fine art prints! I'll have to drive up, but I have a good feeling they're exactly what I've been looking for! Soon, those too will be in the Etsy gallery (and on the new site.)

The mini-witch painting is already up and available for purchase. As are a few other miniatures and I'm slowly adding some of the larger paintings too. I'll be pulling down my main website (www.KWilsonStudio) while we go under construction. I'm hopeful it won't be for long, and I can spend less time on the computer stuff and more time with my brushes!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I am on facebook:

Yay for progress!

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