Monday, August 4, 2014


I can't seem to get any work done. My house is full of people. My house is full of animals. It's almost impossible to concentrate long enough to type out a full sentence, much less actually paint. I haven't made any progress on any of the pieces I have, and deadlines are looming. I never even finished the one piece for the auction.

Instead, I helped my parents finish moving in and then just sort of hit a wall of exhaustion.

My husband flew out to North Carolina for the final interview-meeting-thing, and then I virtually house shopped with him (he drove to various listings we were interested in, and I followed along online. We can't actually LOOK at anything because we're not allowed to even speak to a realtor until we're assigned one through the company.) We've been told to expect an offer from the company. This is the same company he already works for, but I guess in big corporations it works almost like it's an outside one. So, I would say we're at 99% probability of moving to NC (with no timeline on when we'd even get there, but seriously, if we could just get an answer that would be a huge improvement over dragging this all out since February.)

Other than that I've been doing laundry non-stop, dishes non-stop, and answering questions and more... NON-STOP. My patience is a lost thing. If you see it, send it home, would you?

Seriously, I may need to go rent a hotel room, lock myself in and just paint for a day or two straight. Would that make me a bad person, if I ran away to a hotel so I could work?



Magic Love Crow said...

Go to the hotel! I don't think that's bad of you! Go ;o) Paint ;o) Create ;o)
Kyra, I am sending you all the best of wishes that everything will start to quiet down for you!
And, I truly hope you get some kind of news about your move!
Take Care and remember to breathe ;o)

Jeri Landers said...

Sounds like a grand idea, you can be all alone and won't have to speak to a soul... take an engrossing book, forget the paints! Just relax and forget about it all. So North Carolina, is it? It is a wonderful place, and my neighbor. I just did an art show this last weekend in Biltmore Village. I love that state.. I think you will too, once you settle in.

Almost Precious said...

Being without a timeline can be nerve wracking and having a house full of people and pets doesn't help. Perhaps you need to rent a hotel room for a week or two.