Friday, June 14, 2013

The Art of Doing Nothing

Anything you can do, I can do... later...

This week has simply been crazy for me. There have been down times when maybe a more industrial sort would have found her way to her easel, but instead I used it to stare blankly at a television, cat, wall, potted plant... you know, whatever managed to be sitting in front of me at the time.

I'm tired. I didn't mean to take this week off from painting, but it's already Friday and I've accomplished exactly nothing in the studio!

My children are now officially out of school, and on Tuesday I attended the 6th grade graduation (it went on for almost two hours. I could go on about how insane that is, but at this point I'm looking at it as more of a survival exercise.)

There were tassels, and cake, and random bouts of chatting. We're officially out of the elementary school gang. I'm now in the Junior and High school club. I was exhausted by the time we all made it back home.

To that end, my daughter also got her driving permit the next day(everyone in Vermont, look out!) It was quite the ordeal at the DMV, which sat in the middle of the floor in the courthouse where parolees meet up with their officers. There was one man who wouldn't stop watching my daughter and I, and both of us had the eebie-jeebies by the time we left. On the way home, I decided I was suicidal now was a good time to start teaching her how to drive. So, on one of the quiet country roads we switched seats and she drove home the rest of the way. There were a couple moments that I'm pretty sure I can blame for the new silver in my hair, but all in all she did well!

However, when we got home? I needed a nap. Or a glass of wine. Maybe a couple glasses. I took the nap instead.

Yesterday I intended to do many things, and did exactly none of them. It was my only down day for the week, because Friday was all about driving all the way up into town to have my daughter's braces removed:


...and then back home again for lots of other stuff.

Now it's Friday evening, and the only thing I can think about is "how early can I go to bed?"

The paints have sat dormant. My ideas are still flowing though, and I'm working and reworking how my queen of hearts is going to be structured. She's absolutely up next!

I've also been contemplating whether to include the Jabberwock at all, as he only showed up in a poem in the book, and not an actual character (as the movie would lead you to believe.)

Anyway, any art I accomplished this week has been "all in my head". Does that count at all?

I need another nap.


  1. Some weeks are just that way, much like a dog chasing its tail, 'round and 'round in circles but nothing to show for it. Next week will be better. :)

    What a lovely, brace-free smile your daughter has and what a very beautiful young lady she is. You best keep the shotgun by the front door to chase the boys off with. :D

    I don't know why movie makers feel that they must take a classic and put their own spin on it. I suppose to make it fresh and different and uniquely their own. But to me a classic is a classic and doesn't need to be revamped to fit into the mind set of our modern world. But then again I have been accused of being an old fuddy-duddy. :D

  2. I think that was supposed to be modern world but if that's an "r" and an "n" it sure looks like an "m" and I know I did not mean "modem" world. Just another slip of the fingers. lol

  3. I hope you had a good nap and a nice glass of wine ;o) So happy your daughter is driving and yeppeee for her braces being taken off ;o)

  4. Art in your head does count, it's where it all begins, right? Oh darlin, I am really glad I am past those days of teenagers and graduations and so on, not that I didn't love it at the time. Your daughter is a lovely lady,and between the driving skills and the brace free smile, I am sure she is on top of the world!


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