Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, Monday!

I have a goal this week. It's to actually have a more normal week! I think that's a wonderful goal, given that last week felt like a run-on sentence that never ended. A run-on Monday, maybe?

The reality is that summer is not conducive to any sort of normal structure. Kids have vacation time, which is great for them. Really. I do actually remember what it was like to count down the seconds until the bell rang and school was out for the summer! So, I understand the initial euphoria, and even the eventual boredom that sets in. But when you work from home, summer vacation turns everything inside out.

So, here's my strategy: I told the kids to research one fun thing for us to go and do each week. The first thing this accomplishes is that it gives them a mission: research. The second is that they'll have to work up a list with details and agree on some things. It will cost me a day of work, but I think it'll be beneficial for all of us. I'm also hoping it'll wear them out, so they'll be more appreciative of their ability to just go nap in a sunbeam if they want to, because it's summer vacation! (This may, however, backfire on me and I'll end up being the one napping.)

So far, we have the amusement park and the waterpark on the list. I'm not sure how well that will actually turn out, what with motion sickness practically being my natural state (I'm the only person I know who can get car-sick while I'm the actual driver! It's one of my many talents, what can I say?) I told them the rest of the items they pick cannot involve me in a bathing suit or throwing up.

My work has sat dormant, and I keep looking at it trying to decide if it's a lost cause or not:

Big watercolor/acrylic - the one that popped the block. I tacked it down, and haven't been able to work much with it since.
The masking I used was a new bottle, and it seems to have stripped the surface layer of the paper, making it too absorbent and fuzzy (in particular with my fairy.) However, it's easy to be critical when she looks weird without hair or anything else. So, I think I'm going to press on this week and see what happens with her.

I've also gotten a little further with my Queen of Hearts. I think I'm going to include a flamingo or two, as they're part of who she is, and I already have a painting of them in my series:

"Wanna Play?" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

In addition to the flamingo(s?), I plan on putting in the White Rabbit, and figuring out how to weave in some playing cards. That last part is the one I'm having a bit of a struggle trying to figure out. I'm probably making it too hard on myself, and it'll just come to me when I'm sketching her out, but I simply cannot see it all yet. I've also decided, however, that she should be a bigger painting - 16x20", like the White rabbit. That means she likely needs more of a setting, as he got as well.

Much to ponder!

I hope you are all well!


Cameron said...

Motion sickness while driving....that is bad!
I was going to say that having a forced family day or two might be good for returning more focused and ready to paint....but throwing up/and or being in a bathing suit would be enough for me to say I was too busy to go...haha!

Nadia said...

I don't like long drives either. I think the painting will turn out nice,I can't see how the masking did from up here. ;-)I like the colors you used in the background. xoxo

Almost Precious said...

Welcome to all the distractions of summer and having the kids out of school. :)

I love the painting of the unicorn and the fairy, please do attempt to continue with it as it looks beautiful so far. Hopefully the paper won't be as fuzzy or unforgiving as you fear and you'll be able to salvage this lovely piece of art. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I feel so sorry for you and your motion sickness!! I have never heard of anyone being that bad! Take care of yourself! Your unicorn is not a lost cause!! Please keep on!! Wanna Play is adorable!! Your detail is amazing! Have fun with Queen of Hearts ;o)

Jess said...

I love the beginnings of your fairy painting! What a shame the masking fluid wasn't very good. Have you tried smoothing the surface of the damaged paper with the back of a spoon? The texture will differ from the rest of it but at least the colour won't bleed so much. :)
Hope you're enjoying the summer!xx