Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catching Up

I've been a bit quiet as of late, because my life hit some sort of stress threshold where I was just breaking down. It's complicated, and pretty much hit everything from family to work. Ever hit a stress point where you just sort of wander around and get nothing done? I had this mental image of me in a bathrobe for the next ten years with Twinkies in my pockets! And I don't even like Twinkies!

I tried to get things done. I got some things done. But for the most part I would say last week was a bit of a failure for me. Which is irritating, because how does that help my stress level any? *sigh* At least this week seems to be going somewhat better. I'm working on my Cheshire Cat:

I've had him on my easel and everything since last week, and like I said; I accomplished very little. But this week seems to be going better and he's starting to come into focus for me:

But I have to tell you that it's simply taking forever. I think it's the fur, it's just requiring so many layers, and yes, I'm the type who takes a tiny brush and does hairs. I've never really mastered the quick stroke that hints at hair and fur, instead I tend to layer it in. My white rabbit is the same way; shadows underneath and layering in of actual hairs. Explains why it took so long!

As you can see, my Cheshire is developing a moustache. He's always seemed so debonair to me, it's sort of fitting. Unplanned, but fitting. I plan on looking at raising the sides a bit to give him his "grin", but I'm sticking with a more refined Cheshire. It just seems right, in this case.

I also finally got my shipment of Fabriano paper, and I'm excited to use it! My old big block will work for those dragons with the rougher surface, but I have a fairy and dragon painting in my head and I know I need the smoother paper for my fairy. I also ordered a huge block, 14x20. I've never been intimidated by a large canvas, but I am a bit by this paper. How strange! Intimidated, but excited. I never run out of ideas, I just worry about blowing the painting.

But I can't do any of that until I finish my Cheshire! So, it's movies and painting today, as it has been all week.

I hope everyone is well! Oh, and I've fallen behind in the art award where I am trying to compete for a licensing contract. If you haven't voted, can you pop in and help me? You don't have to register or anything. At the bottom is a list of artists, and I'm there: Kyra Wilson.  Thank you!


  1. I think you would look lovely in a bathrobe with Twinkies. LOL. I think the cat looks nice, very detailed.

  2. Never feel you have failed anything! Maybe you just needed a break ;o) There are always two ways of looking at things ;o) Maybe twinkies was a sign of sweet things to come ;o) Your cat is stunning! Beautiful! Your detail is amazing!

  3. All those little hairs are what give it the "Kyra attention to detail" style.....just gorgeous!


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