Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I admit, I've been having "art-problems" lately. My head just doesn't feel like it's in the game. Go figure!

I've been working diligently (well, maybe sporadically would be a better word) on my Cheshire Cat.
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This is where I last took a picture. Since then, I've finished his entire upper body and I've started in on the lower. The tail is finished, but I have to tell you there is only so long a person can paint a cat's butt before they need a break. A LONG break. 


I'm hoping to finish him today. I'm not sure why I'm so unenthused. I like him very much. I'm sorta not into being in my studio right now. I got all my large blocks of Fabriano and I really want to paint something on them, and I think that's part of the problem. I've been conflicted on whether my Alice series can include other mediums or not. I've painted everything thus far on canvas, so switching to watercolor would be quite the change. It might not look right for the series when I group images together for the calendar or card sets. 

Anyway, I'm spending a lot of time fighting myself. Then yesterday I got fed up and grabbed two little blocks and decided to play Art-Hooky:

I finished the girl late last night and got her all matted up and up for sale:

"Becca" 5x7 watercolor, matted to 8x10.
I like her, and the paint flows so much better on these new blocks! 

My goal is to finish up the baby dragon you can see up there, and also try to finish the Cheshire today. He NEEDS to be done. I NEED him to be done. I have a vacation coming up, and I hope it will help clear the cobwebs (or whatever else is rattling around up there) so I can get back on track and start knocking stuff out again!

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