Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stress and Art

This past week was a very stressful one for me. It started out rough and it finished even harder. I thought it was bad up until Thursday when I got a call from my credit card saying someone was trying to access my information (not make fraud charges, but actually access my information with what the card company assumed is my social security number) and that they felt a case of identity theft was in progress. I spent the rest of the day running around and making phone calls and putting alerts on my credit and all that. Fun.

Then on Friday there were several more big things, and well... Blah! I hope a cruise shows up in my mailbox to make up for all of this! Or a winning lotto ticket! Of course, I'd actually have to make the effort to go out and play, so there's that.

Anyway, with life stress banging down my door and plenty of art stress to go around with the commissions hanging over my head, I did that rainbow picture and I enjoyed it so much that when everything blew up again on Friday, I put down my commission work and made another little one:

"Emmy" 4x6" Watercolor, exclusively in my Etsy Shop
A friend said her hair is like an Andees Mint. So now I'm craving those. Maybe I was when I painted her too?

Anyway, I'm so enjoying the watercolors that I plan on making a painting I had intended to be in acrylic, in watercolors instead. I'm looking forward to it... but I can't do it until I clear out the backlog of commissions I have. I decided I'm taking too many to get my normal work done right now too, so I set a new limit for myself, and I hope that will help me get focused back on my normal work. I haven't completed anything from my Alice series and here we are in the home stretch of January. Unacceptable! Plus I needed to paint one painting per month for a new calendar this year (which needs to be done by October, actually, so that breaks down to almost two paintings a month) and I haven't done either of those.

I think the biggest thing I put off or forgot to do (no, put off... if I'm being honest, I think it's put off) is to make my big goal of what do I want to have completed by December 31st 2013? And then broken that down into monthly increments, and possibly into weekly ones as each month hits in order to make it a weekly goal and move me forward in a way I SHOULD be moving. Willy-nilly leads to disorder and chaos, and while I love a little chaos, this isn't working.

So, today I'm working out what my end-game for this year should be and breaking it down from there! I've decided to do art shows again this year, which will be an older newer experience. It's been a while (several years.) I don't know if it's worth my time or not... but I'll never know if I' don't give it a go!


  1. Kyra, she is so pretty. I know what you mean by crazy week. Mine too was insane. But identity theft is not fun. I have been paying for identity guard because we had a breach of security at my work and honestly believe our last payroll person stole everyone's info... One feels violated.

  2. Your minty girl is beautiful! For 4 years, I made custom-ordered girl clothing and sewed some for craft shows. It was a crazy time! You took me back to those days :) I've hardly sewed a stitch since we moved to England (I had been sewing 7 days/wk), but just the other day my son wanted to make something, so I got the machine out. I have to say I was a bit delighted at the familiarity of the sewing machine and the ease in which I can create with it. It did call my name just a little bit :)

    I hope your week goes better - that credit card fraud stuff is a nightmare to straighten out - jerks!

  3. Kyra, I just love you're new work! Just sit back and try to relax. Let the world pass by...well sort of ;-) Focus on one piece only. I know it's hard especially when you have that theft in the back of you're head, not nice.
    Hope this week will bring you great art time!

  4. Kyra, I am sorry about your credit card! Please watch yourself! My mom last year, was scammed out of a lot of money! These pricks that do these things, are horrible!!! Your latest work is beautiful! Love those purple eyes! Make sure to breathe and smile ;o) You will be fine ;o) Take it one day at a time ;o)

  5. I'm so sorry about the identity theft.....absolutely nothing fun about dealing with that kind of crud!

    Looks like painting hel[ to deflect a bit of stress....she is lovely. That Andes Mint hair makes me want one, too :)


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