Friday, April 23, 2010


I finished a canvas that has been bothering me for a while now. I wanted to try doing the opposite with the copper/gold trees and purple, and try using my silver and iridescent white paint... the only color I could think of that would look contrasting as a backdrop was red.

But it turns out that silver trees just look like dead trees. I grew up in Colorado and there were always areas of the forest that died, and when that happened the birch and the aspens were silver. I was painting dead trees. Ugh.

So, I set the canvas aside. It's probably been over a year now, and it has been sitting in the corner of the studio... mocking me. I finally decided to tackle it when I came across my iridescent green paint, and this was the result:

Jade (Enchanted Forest series)
Acrylic, Metallic used (reflective in the light),
Gallery Wrapped (Gallery Deep, standard depth, 1 1/4 inch - no frame needed)
11 x 14" x 1.5"

The sun is iridescent gold and copper, and textured. The forest, in person, looks like it's made out of jade, which is really pretty neat. The red was very hard on my eyes while I was painting, though. I won't be doing another one like this, although I think I will use the jade-tree-look again. I find that this painting has an... aggressive feel to it. Not the usual peaceful feeling I normally create for myself with my paintings.

I have gone back to my purple backdrops and fiery trees, but I have a new slant that I am really excited about. I should have the first painting of my new direction finished in a few days. I'm excited about the way it's already turning out!

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