Thursday, April 29, 2010


(Enchanted Forest series)
Acrylic, Metallic used (reflective in the light),
Gallery Wrapped
16 x 20" x .75"

My enchanted forest series has taken a new direction. This painting was an experiment, as I wanted to combine the current series with some of the other themes I enjoy. What resulted is this.

I really like the effect of having the woman (or nymph) in the tree. I like the feel of it. I'm going to take it further with my next painting, and I am already hard at work on it.

The more I paint this series, the more I am playing with the depth of the iridescent paints, and I'm really enjoying some of the new effects I am able to create. I still love that these paintings don't need to be lit (in fact, I would say that they should NOT be lit by any special lights), and that they change throughout the day or evening. I recently took down my paintings from their show, and I confess that many of them are now hanging in my house instead of being stacked in my studio, because I enjoy the colors shifting that much.

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