Monday, July 14, 2014

Little Monsters

I spent this week on the computer side of things, again, and I have to admit that I feel kind of down. It's just something that I notice when I'm unable to create as I'd like to. The computer side is necessary, but it's not fulfilling like finishing a painting is.

Still, there was SOME creativity involved! I made new banners for all three of my art pages on Facebook:

My fairy tale painting page, I thought my Cheshire was a good mascot. 
My surreal page...

And my misfits, of course!

I made matching banners for the Fairy Tale store, The Surreal store, and the Misfit store. So all three of those are up and running, although the stores aren't all fully stocked yet (there is a lot up, but I'd like to have everything settled and it's not.)

On the store side of things, I thought I'd answer this quickly and publicly why there are three. Through my business, I have come to realize that variety in a store is actually frustrating or overwhelming to a customer. While there might be a few who appreciate seeing all you have to offer in one place, the truth is that most just want to come to a store/website and find exactly what they expect. So, with that in mind if I have a customer looking for a unicorn and they're suddenly faced with a painting with naked female body parts on a pizza (yes, I really have one of those) you can see how that might just drive that customer away. The same happens vice versa, so in the end it is better to separate out the stores as they tend to only have a little overlap and a wide gap for the most part.

I also went ahead and dismantled my website on one host, and I've been reestablishing it on another. However, I'm domain-stupid, so while it exists (rather unfinished, but something is up) at, I haven't figured out how to successfully point at it yet (and the second is my main site, so it's extremely frustrating! I'll figure it out, but this should be easier!) Also, the site seems to be "temporarily unavailable" frequently. I hope that's not the norm for GoDaddy. 

On my main website, I do have all my genres of work. So at least it's out there all in one place somewhere, and then for actual purchasing it's divided up. 

Anyway, lots of computer stuff. Ick. I finally got out my paints and just MADE myself do something. It's weird how I fall into a funk and then have a problem even pulling myself out of it if I'm away from painting for too long. I decided I'd do a handful of mini whimsical misfits. 

Fast sketch, tiny canvases...

Here's where I am at right now:

I went for the "shocked cat" kind of look on the one on the top right. I think I nailed it! We'll see how he turns out!

Looking forward to this week, I plan on putting up a new painting a day in my stores in order to catch up with my inventory listing (and hopefully get that straightened out on my website too), but not try to do them all at once. That way, I can spend a lot more time painting instead! I need to, or I'll never get out of this funk. 

Blah! Off to paint some monsters!


Almost Precious said...

Oops - guess I interjected the GoDaddy opinion in the wrong post comment, but I think you'll understand where it really belongs. :D

Looks like you've been extremely busy getting back on track and organizing both your life and your business. Once the dust of demolition and reconstruction has settled, things should feel more comfortable. Sure there is bound to be a smidge of tweaking now and then but that's true of life in general. Best of luck to you. :)

Love your monster minis, they are fantastic and sooo cute. :)

Jess said...

I'm very impressed with your 3 shops! Your monster minis are great.xx

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so happy for you! You are getting everything accomplished that you need to ;o) Yes computer stuff sucks, but we have to do it! The three stores look amazing! The art looks amazing! It's too bad you had to separate everything, but I understand ;o) I think? LOL! I am one of those people, that just put everything together ;o) But, then I know many people on Etsy, that have many stores ;o)
I have to go comment on your other post now! Sorry! And, sorry for not writing you back yet!!

Introverted Art said...

wow Kyra, I am so so so excited for you. Realy amazing that you are giving life to your dreams. I love all the banners and I think this will be a huge success.