Thursday, February 6, 2014


I have had a lot of trouble focusing with my mother staying with me and my kids having days off here and there between weather issues and otherwise. So, I decided to work on four little Valentine's Day mini-paintings thinking I'd surely be able to whip those out in a day.

Then it was two.

I finished one last night on the second day:

"Sweetheart" 3x5 inch acrylic on canvas panel
I hid all sorts of hearts in the painting, since it was for Valentine's Day. It was hard to paint this though, because my daughter had the movie The Place Beyond the Pines on, and I swear it was the movie that would never END!

I have to have something on while I'm working. I really like a good tale, an adventure, a romance, something... but not that. Actually, I'm most productive with a horror movie on, and I don't even like horror movies. This is probably because I'm grateful to not be looking at the screen and scared out of my whits, so I paint rather quickly with one of those playing. It's my version of watching a scary movie through my fingers, but it involves my paintbrushes instead.

So, I finished this one small painting, but that's it! I still have the other three, and I'm not confident I'll have those finished by the end of the week now. I'm hopeful though, so maybe...

In other news, I ordered a new pair of running shoes from a different brand because my model was discontinued. Since I'm a lumbering and rather sad runner, I need motion control shoes. This means my shoes are always ugly. But not this time!!! Check these babies out:

PURPLE! Purple, people! And pink! And lime! All neon! I have pretty running shoes for the first time, ever! I'm hoping they'll work well, because I want to keep them. Because... purple. Purple makes everything better!


Magic Love Crow said...

I want your running shoes!!! They are so cool!!! Your giraffe is adorable! Love the cloud hearts ;o)

Carmen said...

Whoooooooooo! Look at those trainers! Love the lime against the purple!

Now I am trying to see how many hearts I can spy on your gorgeous giraffe.