Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Daily Exercise

I'm in the process of a sort of deep clean and reorganization of my life. It started with my studio, as I said before, and I admit I haven't made any progress there. I have a baker's rack in my basement that could potentially serve as shelves, but the truth is that the footprint might cost me more in the long run because of the canvas storage situation. I feel like I'm in a catch 22 with my studio. I may simply have to put everything away and just deal with working at the kitchen table for the time being, because a move is most definitely in our future and a studio space will be HIGH on our list (I can say "our" because my art spilling out into the living space tends to motivate everyone in the family to find a better working space. *wink*)

However, it isn't all just about cleaning. I'm looking at all sorts of aspects in my life. When it comes to my art, I realize I need to do a few things to get the ball rolling in a better fashion for me. I have come to two decisions, one big and one small.

The first decision is to do a daily drawing/art piece Monday through Friday. An ACEO, a sketch, a little watercolor, it doesn't matter. I will start each work day off with a little something fun (and I'll be selling those on Etsy, in a new category in my shop I'm going to call Daily Art.) I need this as a sort of warm-up as well as a way to feel more accomplished and to grow. I'm really looking forward to it, and I decided to do it after playing with ACEOs last night:

I realized I wanted to do more, but when I sketch out more than one, I can get bogged down by how much work that will be when I still have big paintings I need to work on. But one a day? Yes, I can make that happen!

On the big side of things, art-wise, I have decided that instead of picking a new fairy tale this year to explore (even though Alice is still on my easel, now going into three years *facepalm*) I am going to create my own fairy tale. I'm going to still explore other fairy tales in paintings most likely, but my main focus will be on closing out Alice and opening the door to something completely new. I don't have everything nailed down just yet, but I have a general idea and I'm very excited!

So, I may not have cleaned out my studio and organized everything, but I have made some good, clear decisions that will most certainly be in my best interests. That feels pretty good too!


~Rasz~ said...

Hi Kyra! I applaud you for making a plan that seems very do-able for yourself. And also a plan that makes you happy too! I know from downsizing several times in the past couple years that I feel I am re-doing an art corner, an art area, an art table, etc. on such a regular basis that I had to finally give in to bringing out only what I am working on, then going into the storage area and putting it away and pulling out what is next. It's a little overwhelming but it works for now until I get a bigger space of my own.

You have given me some great ideas for myself and my new Etsy store I plan on opening up. Have a great day! Rasz

Magic Love Crow said...

I think all your little changes and organizing yourself are great! Your own fairy tale? Sounds exciting! Wishing you all the best with everything ;o)

Almost Precious said...

Your plan is a good one and very reasonable. We often try to attempt too much and then become frustrated when we cannot measure up to the goal that we've set for ourselves.

Much like Magic Love Crow, I too look forward to seeing where "Your own fairy tales" will lead you.