Saturday, September 14, 2013

Color, Color Everywhere!

On Saturday, I got to take my daughter to her first road race! We did the Vibe Color Run 5k! I've been wanting to do a color run since I first saw them advertised, but living in the boonies not much comes our way. One day, however, an ad popped up for one right by us! I couldn't believe it! Even better, my daughter said she would do it with me (will wonders never cease?! My 15-year-old actually wants to go running with me?!)

This is us before the race. We're all clean!
Also, for the record: this is me with a major tan. It's all that tree-planting I've been doing. I know, it's practically unnoticeable to everyone else, but it's there!

It was about 52 degrees out, so it was a wee bit chilly. We hung out in the car for about 40 minutes, and everyone else was pretty much doing the same thing. Then, about 30 minutes before the race was to start, we headed over by the stage.

The race had 3000 runners, which is roughly the population of Vermont (OK, not really, but it's close!) We were in the second wave released, and they had color cannons at the start so I was blasted with blue so hard I couldn't see out of my sunglasses. They aren't messing around with those things!

Part of the course had been flooded with recent rain storms and was so swampy that everyone ended up in water over the tops of their shoes. I found this particularly hilarious once we hit dry ground again because you could hear a chorus of squishing when everyone was running. It sounded like we were all running with frogs strapped to our feet!

Unfortunately, at one point my glasses slipped and knocked my favorite nose stud out. It's somewhere on the trail in the forest, and I never found it again. I'm sure some squirrel will pick it up and be the envy of all his friends. (Squirrel-bling!)

We were pelted with color at several stations, but I noticed a shortage of pink. There should have been more pink. It seemed like the organizers favored yellow the most. Not that I'm a huge fan of pink, but the balance is what I'm after. (It's color, I can't help it!)

By the end, we were covered!

My girl and I at the finish line!

For comparison to the first photo, this is us in the car headed home:

We were smart, and had covered our car seats with trash bags. I was less smart when I got home and had to wait my turn for the shower. I finally sat down in my black computer chair. This left a neon green butt-print on it that I then had to clean off.

The funniest part of the day came once we had taken our showers and gotten all cleaned up. I asked my daughter if she had blown her nose yet. She was, as would be expected, completely taken aback by my question.

"No! Why would I?"

"Oh, no reason..." she went to find a Kleenex. A moment later I heard her blow and exclaim "OMG!!! It's BLUE! AAAAAGH!"

Totally worth the effort, right there. Definitely a race worth doing again.

In other news, I've completed lots of mini paintings, and have even more in process now! As it stands, all the completed ones are sold, but I have many more in the works! Here are some of the completed minis:

And here are the paintings on my table right now:

I actually had to make myself stop sketching out ideas. I have SO many, but I need to paint these out. On the other hand, I worry I'll forget what they were if I don't sketch them down on a canvas right away. It's a bit ridiculous at this point, I suppose! If I just didn't need to eat or sleep or have all my other obligations, I'd be able to knock these guys out faster! *wink*


Nadia said...

That's hilarious!!I never thought such a thing existed. xoxo

Carmen said...

I've seen these races mentioned - I'm not sure they do them in the UK, might actually tempt me to run if they did :D

Looks like you had so much fun and I just love those teeny canvasses. So much detail in such a small space!

Darcy said...

Are you going to do any of these minis as prints? I love autumn and Halloween and they'd sure add to the festivities!

Kyra Wilson said...

Darcy, they're too small to make prints out of, unfortunately. So they're sort of one-shot originals! I'm painting lots more, though! You can keep track of them on my facebook page: I'm putting them into my Etsy store exclusively right now (instead of my main website. This is just easier for the moment.) I've got plans to do Christmas and other minis as well.

Kyra Wilson said...

Carmen, actually they do have them in the UK:

It's much fun! I highly recommend it!

Kyra Wilson said...

Paint and running, it doesn't get better than that! :)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Kyra!!! Thank you so much for visiting me from Stacy's blog and the sweet comment. Glad I was able to visit you today to see you and your daughter in all your colored glory!!! The big smiles on your faces says it all. What a great day, altho' I agree PINK was needed, lol. And the nose blowing thing cracked me up. I can remember pow wow dancing when my boys were young and telling them to blow their noses at the end of the night, great reactions!

You are truly an amazing painter and I am a new follower. The detail on the small canvas is amazing. Can't wait to see the drawings painted too! It was great "meeting" you and I will visit often. Thank you again. Rasz

Kyra Wilson said...

I'm glad you stopped by! :) I'm following your blog as well!

Magic Love Crow said...

You and your daughter are adorable! What a great day! I am waiting to see the squirrel ;o) LOL! So much fun! I really love your mini paintings! A+++ Take Care ;o)