Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Today was the first day back to school for my son who had been on house arrest for whooping cough. That meant that today was mine... ALL MINE!

I don't know what it is about having the kids around, but I swear to you that my ability to concentrate goes to zero, and I just wander around randomly picking things up, moving laundry, and feeding people. I'm supposed to be playing in my studio, and instead I've suddenly gone 200% into Mom-Mode.

It happens.

I did manage to tackle a large portion of our holiday baking, however!

These are my peanut butter Reese's cup cookies.
These are sour cream sugar cookies on the back left, chocolate chip on the left, and double chocolate chunk on the right. There were plain peanut butter cookies off to the side too, but they didn't fit in the picture. Bagging up the goodies for neighbors, teachers, and friends is next!

Later that night after dinner, we somehow ended up with the box of extra plastic ornaments and it turned into an impromptu game of ornament floor hockey (with lots of added giggles):
Not all of the ornaments survived.

So, while I didn't accomplish anything artistic, I did have some good family time!

However, I have been looking forward to today since last week. Normalcy. Children in school, house to myself, studio here I come!

Unfortunately, I think I was so stuck in Mom-Mode that I had to wander aimlessly about the house for a few hours this morning before I could pull it together. At least, that's what I'm using as my excuse. I did a lot of "Now WHY on this green and blue earth would they think it's OK to put their socks there? I mean, who in their right mind would think to themselves that they should put their socks there?!!?! That better not be mustard on the ceiling. Actually, maybe I should be hoping that's mustard on the ceiling. How did they even... you know what? I don't what to know. Nope... Ignorance is bliss. Yup! Ummhmm. sure looks like mustard..."

Eventually, I got to my studio and got this small piece of an elf taking a nice hot bath finished:

"Little Dip", exclusively in my Etsy store.

I also had my order show up with some new watercolors and blocks. I thought I had ordered a 5x7 block, but apparently not. I have a 4x6 and a 9x12 now. Odd, but I'll roll with it and see what happens! I also ordered some ACEOs to try out. With that in mind, ACEO folks? Explain these to me? They just look like small cuts of matting board? Is there really anything all that special about them? Why did you start using them? What has your experience been? I admit, I'm a bit confused about the whole phenomenon of ACEOs, but I'm willing to play it out and give them a shot.

I'm really enjoying my watercolors right now, and I'm going to do another small snow queen, and a Santa. I still have the spider in mind, but I think I'm going to try that one out on my new 4x6 block. I'm realizing that a lot of my sketching skills have gotten a bit rusty because I'm used to loosely working out my composition in pencil and then refining it with paint. Watercolor doesn't allow for that kind of refinement, so I need to banish the rust from my pencil!

In particular, I want to fix my feminine faces. I know they can be so much better (and were, back when I only worked in pencil.) However, I'm also realizing that as I had noticed with the paint, I am having some days that my hands simply won't work as well for that fine detail. I know I have carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists (diagnosed over 12 years ago), but I'm starting to wonder if I don't have some arthritis setting into my knuckles as well. I'm only 37, but my body is telling me that everything simply doesn't run as smooth as it once did. Working on my sketching skills again, maybe I won't be able to reverse what I apparently was compensating for in the paint with, but perhaps I can learn a new way to produce the results I am after!


Nadia said...

That Elf turned out nice! I know the feeling of the rush with watercolours. Just relax, it will turn out how you want it eventually!

Magic Love Crow said...

Your cookies made me so hungry! Yummy! Love the ornament game! LOL! Your little elf turned out gorgeous!! I am so happy the aceo arrived and that you liked it ;o) Merry Christmas ;o)

Introverted Art said...

My husband would lobe those peanut butter cookies!!!

Introverted Art said...

oh Kyra, I was with someone for 6 years and his mother hated me even before she met me too. It was so hard and I completely understand, because really this is the mother of your love and there is really nothing you can say, do that will change that.I guess I just stopped trying so hard since it didn't matter and went on about living. I wish you grace, peace and serenity in this journey...

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I am fairly new to painting and watercolor, and love to see that an experienced painter gets frustrated too :) Your work is amazing, nonetheless. Glad to hear you son is better!

Kyra said...

Thanks Nadia! I am learning to take my time, and most importantly - to walk away and leave it alone! :)

Kyra said...

I should send you some of these cookies! We made too many! :) I love the Aceo, thank you!

Kyra said...

I've learned to just shake my head and try to move on, but it still stings. Some day it won't matter! That's my hope!

Kyra said...

Thank you! :) Yes, the frustrations never end, but I believe that is because we're always learning. We're so lucky to be working at something where the possibilities are truly endless and there is always something new to learn!

Erin Keane said...

Your "Little Dip" is adorable! I stopped by to visit your blog a couple weeks ago and after reading your post on Alisa Steady's blog, I had to come back for more! Your work is beuatiful and I'm glad you followed the painter's path. Your work, while whimsical, has a realistic edge too... wonder if that comes from the photographer in you :)

Happy Holidays to you--that ornament hockey looks like a great bunch of fun. Best, Erin Keane