Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday, I managed to finish Mr. Rabbit in my White Rabbit painting for my Alice in Wonderland series.
Mr. Rabbit from my White Rabbit painting, for the Alice in Wonderland series.

His coat ended up a bit overworked, with probably too many folds and ripples, but at the same time since he's the focal point in a larger painting I think it helps bring him out a bit as well. I really is much harder for me to work in acrylics with details like this, but I think I've been making great strides in the process of learning about it.

It was a big deal, because I feel like the largest portion of the painting has been dealt with. Now I'm starting in on fleshing out the rest of the painting on the left side, and roses on the right. Now it's about bringing overall balance to the composition. I'm in the home stretch, on what's been a very long run for me! Yay!

I've updated the time lapse faithfully as well, and my video now stretches just shy of three minutes. I'm looking forward to completing that too, and I've decided that I will do more video blogging here and there.

I'm so excited to finish this painting, not just because it's been a long term project, but also because I can finally dive into the holiday paintings. I'm just itching to paint Halloween canvases, I can barely stand it! I miss my oils, and I think I'm going to revisit them for some of these, although with drying times being what they are, I might be shooting myself in my foot, business-wise. Maybe I'll save the oils for my fairies and mermaids which are also on deck to be worked on!

I hope everyone is well, and that you have a fabulous weekend!

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Jeri Landers said...

Kyra, Actually, I was really drawn to the coat, I love all the folds and shadows and the cuffs are just right. It looks excellent to me. Good job!

Kyra said...

Thank you! :)