Friday, September 28, 2012

Holiday Shift

The one thing holding me back from jumping into my Halloween paintings with both feet was my white rabbit painting. Now that it's done, I have finally begun to start in on those! I'm excited! The air is cooler, and the leaves are starting to change! It's simply perfect for diving in.

View off the back deck this morning.

After so many errands and other things happening this week, I finally have today to myself. I'm trying to balance output with enjoyment, because I am behind the curve this year (well, last year too) on creations for the season, and now it's finally time to catch up! I have put my Alice series off until January, so it's full speed into holiday paintings! I'm pleased, but on another side I'm a little off kilter with finally having this change in mode before me.

My main problem with my glasses not working for me remains, and I'm just not sure what to do about it. I suppose I should have looked into a magnifying arm instead of getting glasses, but I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. Even if it is operator error with the glasses, if I don't figure it out, they're useless to me for painting!

I'm trying to work at a sitting desk right now to see if that helps, but I made the change to a standing easel a while ago, and it was a good change just for my overall health. So, if it does work to sit, I'll be stuck between being able to use my glasses for painting at the cost of my health, or standing and healthier but struggling to see fine details when I have to get close up. Clearly, I'm not done figuring this one out yet!

Today, I'm working on the sketched out canvas of the Halloween kittens:

I've already started painting in the background, and I hope to move forward quickly with this one as well as start sketching out many others! Here's hoping for a productive weekend!


Introverted Art said...

Kyra, that will look mighty beautiful. I love the drawing already and am very curious to see what colors you will be using on this painting.

Almost Precious said...

Your sketch is lovely and the kittens in it are adorable. I'm sure it will be magnificent when it is completed.

Victoria said...

Wow..beautiful work..and I can tell it will be spectacular once completed!Lovely blog...wonderful meet you..I checked out your site too and your artwork is gorgeous and totally stunning! Magical!

Amalia K said...

Wow, that view looks magnificent! I wish I had a view like that. :)

Glad you're finally starting on your Halloween paintings, I'm sure those kittens will turn out lovely. oxox