Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There are a lot of things I need to do, but being the main employee of your business - if something isn't done? You really do only have yourself to blame!

This week, my goal is to get the prints nailed down and ready to offer for immediate sale. In addition to that, I am working on two paintings at the moment. The first, as I had mentioned, was my Alice painting that I am finally getting back to. However, I hit a stopping point as one often does with oils, and needed a filler while I was waiting.

I had long thought about a painting with two castles, one light and one dark. So, this seemed the perfect time to give it a shot, considering I have the extra long canvas on hand! Even better? I'm shooting a time-lapse of this painting from white canvas to finished product!

What makes this painting different for me is that this one is very off the cuff. As you'll see from below, I have a light idea of what I'd like to see. But to be honest, the real concept is one that's developing as I paint it. It's not mapped out, and there is a lot of wiggle room. For example, I'm contemplating a little bit of lightning... we'll see.

Here are a couple snapshots from the time-lapse I'm shooting:

Sketched out... sorta
putting in the basic background, working from day to night.
Working on the moon (sun is on the other side, smaller)
Laying in the distant landscape outline

Putting in the distant mountains, and highlights.

I've never painted lightning before, but I'm contemplating how it might work with this painting... we'll see!

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