Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Switching Venues

I've taken a nice little clip of time off during the holidays, but I'm back to painting now.  It's a little odd how some time off can actually throw you off. I'd love to be one of those people who come back with more energy than ever, ready to go, but after an extended period I'm really one of those people who needs a push.

Well, I gave myself that push, but also evaluated why I needed it. Frankly? Even without any snow (which, by the way, is completely bizarre for Vermont) my studio is COLD! So, I made an executive decision... I snuck out of my studio and set up shop in my family room.

My unfinished family room, but the flooring is in, the walls are painted. Really, all that's missing is the trim and chair rails, and the art that belongs back up on the wall. This might turn out to be trickier when I work on some of my bigger paintings I have slated in the line-up (I have a huge, much harder to move easel, and a tendency to not be a clean painter.) I'll probably have to slink back up to my studio for those. But, until then... I have taken over!

I also sent my husband this picture with a "Guess where I am?  What football games? Who needs that when we can watch sappy romance movies and dramas while I paint!" He wasn't a fan, but he's got a lovely level of patience and tolerance for me.

As you can see behind me in the photo, I'm back to work on the Halloween painting with the haunted house on the hill. I'm about to start in on the figures this afternoon actually.

As I have been taking pictures over the past months of paintings in progress, it has occurred to me that a time-lapse might be a fun project for me to put together on one of my future paintings. After chatting with a few people, I was told to look for a device that works with my camera for interval timing. What I discovered after googling my own camera is a special timer that is actually built into the camera! (I know, I know, but the longest time lapse I ever needed wasn't more than 10 minutes, so I never really dug in before this.)  So, that being said, I do believe that I am going to try to create a time-lapse video of one of my paintings over the next month.  I have one that might be fun, it's a long landscape with two castles in it. Another, same orientation, but with all four seasons.

Hmm.... Maybe both?  We shall see!

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