Friday, December 2, 2016


Every time I see "Hello" I hear Adele's song. Does anyone else have that problem? I blame my daughter for that, playing it incessantly this year while she was here and every time she visits.

I have to say, I don't know why photos from earlier posts are vanishing? I'm not going to go back and re-add them, it's just too much work. Maybe they'll show up again eventually?

You may have noticed that I disappeared for a while. I even deleted my blog there for a bit. Fortunately, blogger hangs onto it for a period of time so you can change your mind. I did, but then I still didn't post.

So much has been going on, and so little at the same time. I'm not sure if I did any clearing of my blog before I deleted it or not, so I'm not sure if I posted about life changes. As I have a draft in my folder, but it doesn't look like it was posted, I'll just assume I never said anything at all from May onward. 

I have a lot to say (and art to share), so this is going to take a few posts over the next week or two. Some might not seem art-related, but my life affects my art, so it really is!

There were big changes in my world, because my daughter graduated from High School and went off to college:
My daughter, on Graduation Day from High School

My daughter, in a painting I did of her this year. 9x12 inches, oil on stretched canvas.
(This one, I didn't sell. I have it on my wall.)

I now have an 18-year-old daughter, in college. An adult. This is a very strange marker to cross. I'm having a lot of thoughts, still, along the lines of "How did I get here?!" 

My youngest just turned 16 about a week ago. I have so little time left with "kids", and an unknown stretch in front of me with "adult children".  Also, my daughter felt it was a good time to mention that I could be a grandma in a few years. So, SO not helpful. I mean, I'll be a good grandma I think, but in my head I'm somewhere between 16-22 years old. I know I'm 41 logically... but I'm not on the inside. 

Facing this family phase of my life being over is proving unbelievably difficult for me. I suddenly understand why some people start over with more kids. Technically, I started my family at 23, so it wasn't that early. Yet, my peers/friends, people my age are actually just starting their families NOW. 

I know of very few friends who are in my position, and I know of so many who had a baby this year or a year or two past. Their houses are filled with that young laughter and energy. Mine has become remarkably changed. I noticed it when we had a neighborhood gathering here and I realized my house isn't kid-safe and it's boring for children. No more toys in any rooms or on floors (upside; no Lego's to step on at 2AM and almost die, so silver lining! Wait, is that why they call it a "silver" lining?)

I have a grown-up house now. Yikes!

We moved from Vermont to this house in North Carolina (over that long and horrible process) and we've only been here just over a year. When we moved, we purged a lot of old things. Old furniture (that it was safe to spill stuff on because after 14 years we weren't even sure WHAT color the couches were anymore), scratched and broken tables, toys that hadn't been played with in years, and so on. We got to buy new furniture here and we picked out stuff that went with the new house and our lives now. But it's grown-up stuff, most especially because the interior of the house is different... colder. It's not that we don't like it, but it's just, well, very adult-like instead of family-kids-like.

Having a child become an adult and seeing this phase of my life coming to a close is a difficult thing to face. Life really IS short. It seems so long when you're young, but it's not. 

Oh, and we're definitely not starting over with more kids. I can barely handle my husband's snoring ruining my sleep, I cannot even fathom getting up with a baby! Not NOW! I don't know how my peers are doing it. *yawn* My husband and I are both firm on that point, but I'm so sad about this part being over too. It's good my kids are successfully flying the nest, but it's heartbreaking too. 

I'm wondering what this means for me going forward. Finding my new normal. I'm not sure what that is, exactly. This is especially true when it comes to my studio and art. But, more on that later...


Stephanie Faris said...

A new phase, but an exciting one, as well! You have the rest of your life ahead of you. And wow, you're a talented artist!

Magic Love Crow said...

Long time no hear from!! I thought you disappeared! When you said you deleted your blog, I thought you did!! So good to hear from you Kyra! Congrats to your beautiful daughter! Congrats on to the next stage of your life! It's all going to be good! It's going to be exciting!! I can't even imagine having kids in my 40's!! No babies at that time, thank you! LOL!
You left me some questions on my blog. I have seen several of my artist friends using wood panels. Some are already pre gessoed other's not. Some are flat, other's have wider sides. I thought I should invest in some to try. I went to an art supply store near by and bought some. These boards were pre gessoed. I use Golden acrylics and started to paint on two of them. I kept adding more and more paint. It was so flat looking. No depth. I finally got to a point, where I thought I would spray my final varnish on top, just to see how it would look. I did use a matte finish and it looked yuck! Everything looked so dull, just yuck! So, off I went back to the art shop and told them how disappointed I was and returned the boards I didn't use. The guy was so rude and didn't help me at all. He kept questioning me, like I was being accused of doing something wrong. I have to admit, the boards I were using were made in the United States. The ones I used were called Jack Richeson. For me, they just didn't work.
So, I found another art supplier and they really helped me. She said, try not to get the ones that are pre gessoed. Before you paint them, use a gloss medium all over. I used "Speedball". After that dries, then put your gesso over top. After you have finished your painting, use a Satin finish. What a difference!! Amazing!
I have bought some flat boards that are pre gessoed. So, I will be mixing the gloss medium with my paints and then using my satin finish over top.
The Canadian boards I am using are from a company called Gotrick. I have to admit, I like the way they are built better and I like the finish on them better too. The tops are Russian Birch. I think the other company was that too, but they weren't built the same.
I hope I have made sense!
Big Hugs!

Magic Love Crow said...

I forgot to say, I love the painting you did of your daughter!