Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Structure

I think I've finally got the hang of the ACEOs. Last night, the one I finished just flowed:

"The Gift" available in my shop

This one is my new favorite! I'm going to do a slew of moons. I've always been enamored with the moon, and it's just calling to me right now.

And that's where I'm going to settle things for the moment. I have decided to make it a goal to do an ACEO original per day. So, I'm going to be posting a new one every morning on my Facebook Art Page! I think that even though I seem to be unable to work on the bigger projects right now, at least I'll be able to complete these. I need that sense of accomplishment right now, while everything is so wild.

Speaking of wild, we had new kitchen counters installed yesterday... and they're the wrong color. Oh, they're what we ordered, but folks, these things are pastel PURPLE. They were not that color in the store. I'm very sensitive to color, as you would expect. But apparently "some variations" can happen, and ambient light can make all the difference.

So now, I'm left with a really nice counter that is really the wrong color, and trying to figure out how to make that look nice. It's heartbreaking waiting almost a decade to invest in a really nice counter, and instead of it being the thing that makes everything nicer in your kitchen, it's the thing that screws everything up. I was literally in tears last night. And the worst thing is that purple is actually my favorite color... but not like this!

before we ripped out the old laminate counter
No counter, actually looks better than before...
Purple Counters.
It doesn't quite come through the picture how pastel they are. I just wanted a nice, classy kind of kitchen. *sigh* We're going to change the curtains, and do a tiled backsplash, and whatever else we can to make it actually look like a nice kitchen, but deep down I'm devastated that I somehow screwed this up. If we need to sell the house, we want people to walk in and actually like the kitchen, not think "Wow, I have to rip out everything..." We saved up for that counter, it wasn't cheap, and it was a mistake. That hurts. A lot.

I know, I know. First world problems. But it still was really upsetting. It also made that much more work to get the kitchen to look nice. What do you think about changing the cabinet doors to a wood color that matches the floor? So they're sort of two-toned cabinets?

Gah. I don't know. I can't believe I made this stupid, expensive mistake.

I need to go work on a little ACEO and try to forget it, but it makes me ill every time I walk into the kitchen. This might work for my diet, however...


Nadia said...

I like your moon ACEO! The counters look alright in the picture, I think it does not look bad. Great idea to match the color of the cabinet doors with the floor.

Willow said...

Lovely ACEO !

Melissa Adams said...

It's not stupid or silly to be devastated by something like this - you said yourself how hard and long you worked to save up for this, and how much you had looked forward to seeing it finished. For it to look completely different than you picture IS heartbreaking. I would be every bit as sad and disappointed as you. Is there no way to get a refund or find a way to sell it and at least get a less pastel color? That's so ridiculously frustrating! I'm sorry it turned out the way it did, and I hope that at the very least some of the other changes help to make it appear a bit different. I wonder if adding some yellows, creams or whites or some other color to help grey it out might help, just like you would do in a painting. I know when we moved into our current house the bathroom blue was FAR too vivid and vibrant for my taste, and when we changed the greenish-blue shower curtain which I hated the ENTIRE room changed colors because it changed the color of the light filtering through the window, and we found out that the color of the bathroom was actually a much more mellow and pleasing slate blue color than we first thought it was. And all that from just putting up a mostly white curtain, with some navy tint to it. So perhaps if you change the color of the curtains you use (if you have a Bed, Bath and Beyond or Costco near you, I would recommend buying from them since they give refunds and exchanges with no questions asked and as often as you wish until you find what fits you) it might actually help change the color of the counters and the entire room as well. After all, all color is dependent on light, so changing the way the light filters through really might be the perfect easy solution to take it down just a notch. It's just a thought... I really hope something works to make your kitchen more of a dream kitchen than it feels right now, no matter what you do. =) And by the way - I absolutely love your ACEO! It's so sweet and dreamy and is an absolutely delightful little work of art!

Almost Precious said...

I adore your Moon, it is mystical and beautiful. :)

As for the huge disappointment regarding your counter tops, I can understand completely. It was a really big and important investment and I would feel just as devastated about it as you do. We all have a picture in our minds of how we expect something to look and when it does not meet our expectations we feel upset and naturally blame ourselves for the mistake . . . believe me, I have my own personal list that's about a mile long.
I suppose you've already consulted with the company that you purchased the counter tops from, was there anything that they felt they could or would do to help give you the look you had anticipated?

I have always hated to have to pick out something from a tiny little sample that is hardly 2 inches square. When I was deciding upon my counter tops there were 2 that I really liked. One was a deep, dark green and the other was very neutral in browns and tans. I was in love with the green but was torn about going with something that I liked and something that was neutral for future resale purposes. The counter top company actually brought out large 2 foot or 3 foot square samples of both colors and placed them on top of a kitchen cabinet so that I could see how they would look. It made a big difference as I decided the lovely dark green looked jet black in my kitchen and was much too dark. Just wish all companies would do this.

Please don't beat yourself up over this, I know it is heartbreaking but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. As you mentioned the difference in lighting from the showroom to your kitchen was different. I do think the new counter tops have brightened your kitchen and I'm sure once you've added the proper accessories it will look lovely. One thing I have found is that over time we do adapt and get used to, if not actually learn to like, something.
In my last home I had the master bathroom wallpapered. The paper was gorgeous and very expensive, we hired a professional to do it so in the end it was an expensive investment. When the room was finished, all I could think of was; "What have I done?" All I could see were these huge pale peach roses all over the bathroom walls. It was a shocking change but after several weeks I got used to it and even began to appreciate it. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Go with your heart! Everything will work out ;o) "They" say there are no accidents, so this was meant to be! You are a very creative person, I am sure everything will work out!