Friday, August 24, 2012

End of August!

It's been a long while since I updated, and I'm happy to say that I have been keeping very busy both in the studio and in the business!

During the month of September, some of my artwork will be featured in Montpelier, VT at a local shop called Inspired Creations. You should be able to catch the Enchanted Forest series, and perhaps some other paintings in person (and they will be available for purchase there as well!) If you're in the area, it's worth stopping by simply to see the other collections and offerings they have from all over Vermont!

In the studio I've been very busy. My Alice series has been running a bit slow, but I imagine that once school starts again and my children are back on the path of public education, Alice will jump forward with great speed! I'm continuing on my time-lapse video of my white rabbit painting, and I plan on actually doing an introduction before hand. If that works out, I might do a video blog (vlog?) here and there!

So what's new from the easel?

Well, I finished "Fred" for my Alice series. No, he's not the Mock Turtle, but he certainly fits with my theme!

"Fred" Acrylic, 6x6x.75" stretched Canvas, Alice Series (held for show).
 Then I got into some seasonal paintings in the middle of the sweltering heat, wishing for those cool autumn nights and painted a few for the season:

"Pumpkin Dreams" Acrylic, 4x4x.75" stretched canvas, Seasonal (available for purchase )

"Autumn Evening" Acrylic, 16x8x1.5" stretched canvas, seasonal (available for purchase!)

Lastly, I finally stopped putting off all my requests for Fairy-themed artwork. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I finished this one just today, and I simply LOVE it!

"Country Cottage" Acrylic, 6x6x.75" stretched canvas, Fairies (available for purchase)
I've got another 6x6 in the works with an Autumn fairy on it, so we'll see how she comes out. However, I can tell you I definitely want to do more fairy houses! Really, working on fairies along with my Alice series, it's a perfect combination as there are bits of crossover!

Oh, and there are only a few days left of my 10% off sale on my prints on Etsy. They're the same price as on my main gallery site, free shipping, but just for August you get 10% off! If you've been looking at a print, now's a great time to buy it! Plus I was also able to add my new prints, and finally a fantastic print (in multiple sizes) of my Moonlit River painting!

So, going forward, lots and lots of painting on the horizon! I'm waiting for my supplier to get my mini-canvases (4x4") back in stock and then I'll be pleased to offer more of those for sale. I finalized the wholesale program for retailers and resellers who are interested (you can click here for more information), and I've even started looking at venues for my show for my Alice series in the Autumn of 2013! So much to look forward to!

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