Friday, May 20, 2011


I realize it's been a while since I have posted. Far too long, really. The truth is that what energy I have had, I've spent putting towards Kyra Wilson Photography. I haven't had a lot of desire to paint. However, that is changing.

Lately, I've had a few intriguing ideas and I plan on exploring them. I sketched out one canvas, a representation of Gemini. This is really for a business where the imagery of women and hair swirling (because, let's face it - I do enjoy a hair swirling moment on canvas!) fits rather nicely. But once I sketched it out, I lost interest in it.

Instead, I've been dreaming of a sort of Alice in Wonderland theme. Not very Disney-like, and not quite like what was recently on the screen either (although it definitely leans in that direction.) So, I'm going to give a little painting a shot, and see how I feel about it. Normally I work big, but I think this one will be much heavier on the details, I'm also going back to my oils for a while. I work in acrylics solely for the reflective paints that are available, but my heart is in oil. So let's see where it takes us!

It could tip off a whole new painting jag, which I alternately look forward to and dread. It's good, because I produce a lot of work at once. It's bad, because I end up working 20 hours a day, for weeks on end, and get a bit frazzled... but it's time, I'm due!

Off to find my brushes...

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