Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Projects

It's been a while since I updated! We had a booth at the fair, locally. Mostly it was to promote the local photography business I just started, but you can't just sit there and sell pictures (especially at the last minute... maybe I could have, I have a photo printer... hmm...) So, I stocked the booth with paintings and prints because I DO have those to sell!

That's what we pulled together with only a week to do it (which was just stupid, in case you were wondering. You should have months to prepare for this sort of thing. Clearly, we must have had a brain hemorrhage or something.) We broke even with the cost of the booth and the paintings/prints that were sold, so minus the time spent, there was no real loss. Personally, though? It was the wrong venue for art. No question. A learning experience without a doubt, but the wrong spot nonetheless.

I finished several smaller paintings, and I need to photograph them so I can share them. Another thing I need to do... on my list.

Moving forward, I have finally opened up more prints for sale of the paintings. I even have prints of the enchanted forest series. I thought I would be unable to do that, because the paintings are iridescent, and thus you lose so much in a print form that can't shift colors as it does on the original. However, even so, we have found they make some nice prints. So far, I have prints of (and the prints aren't taken from these pictures, they're much different for the process, which you'll notice if you click on them):


Midnight River
Partly Cloudy

And some of the earlier paintings like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and more. I love them in the Giclee prints, because of the canvas-like value it gives it. The regular prints came out great too,l though! With my new printer, I am able to offer some new things like keepsake boxes, coasters, tote-bags, and more as well. So, there are two images of each single painting used for different types of reproductions. Hopefully it won't be too confusing. Now, I just need to set up the links on the normal Art Gallery Site. I'm slowly adding to the prints being offered, and I'm happy they're of higher quality, and easier for folks to order since it's just a click-n-go set-up.

Looking forward, beyond the prints, I have a new project (besides the photography), where I plan on working to complete 12 paintings for the Enchanted Forest Series, but with the intention to use them in a calendar. I'm working through how I want to portray each month, and I'm excited about the project in general. At the same time, I'm looking at a second calendar project, which also involves paintings, but probably a bit more "fun" (i.e. I plan on a glittering and wonderful Christmas Tree, and snoozing cats and so on.)

Additionally, I picked up a package of bismuth pieces, and I'm working through on how to use them in my paintings. They're like little pieces of fractal art in themselves. I'm contemplating a castle, perhaps...

Much to do!

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