Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guess What?!?!

My website is finally up and running! Yes it is!!!
(if you notice any glitches, let me know...)

I met with a new printer, and I like their stuff! I wish I had found them sooner, so I'd have all the prints right now, but it's alright. They're available for pre-order, expected in mid-January. The upside is that instead of my prints starting at $30+ shipping, I now have them starting at $11.99 INCLUDING shipping in the US and Canada. HUGE changes. Even better? The prints are of better quality in my opinion. All Giclee, quality archival paper and inks, or on canvas. YAY!

Since my new site lets me sell right through it, securely, I'll still have some stuff up on Etsy, but mostly it'll be on my actual site. Additionally, I'm in a growth period with my art, and headed in a new direction. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but I've decided to enjoy the ride. More figures in my artwork is on the menu. I'm going to finish my holiday paintings up, and then go back to my Alice series I started and ended up getting sidelined with. I also have a new Seasons series that is in line for my easel!

So much to paint, so much to do!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Tis the Season!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, those that are in the US, and that everyone else had a lovely week as well! We chose to work on the house last week, and this included a lot of major home "improvements" that are still in progress.

It's actually a relief to get back to painting again, even though there is still a long way to go on the house projects! Given that the house is in such a state, this is the first year that I don't have any holiday decorations up at all. Never has Rockefeller beat me to my own tree-lighting.

I've actually been working on quite a few paintings all at once right now. I have a Halloween haunted house that I'm still working on, and a snowy ice skating scene, but I took a break to shield the oils and pick up my acrylics once more. Today, though I may not have a tree, I got to paint one!

Christmas Moment
6x6x.75", Gallery wrapped (edges painted, no frame needed)

Currently available to purchase immediately in my Etsy store:


No prints will be made.